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Top 10 Friendship Messages That Can Convert Enemy Into Friend

Top 10 friendship sms and  messages that have the power to convert your enemy into best friend. With the beautiful shayari.

Top 10 Friendship Messages That Can Convert Enemy Into Friend
Top 10 Friendship Messages That Can Convert Enemy Into Friend

Friendship is a very precious relationship that has been given by the god to humans. A true friendship does not need anything. You can send this beautiful friendship sms and messages to your friends and make them happy if they are angry with you. Friendship can not be bought you may have seen many such cases in professional relationship where people try to buy you by many ways. 

I remember one case where one of my friend's friend tried to impress her girlfriend by giving her luxury cars and also making car insurance of her car. And not only this he always gave her costly watches and many other things so that he can impress her but he failed because girl took everything but you know what i am trying to say. So lets forget this and enjoy this below top and best friendship messages and sms with the doze of hindi shayari to enjoy the gift of god that is friendship and make you life full of love and blossom.

You do not need to give luxury cars to your friends.
You do not need to make their car insurance.
Do not give them luxury and costly gifts.
But give them a real friend who can stand with them in happiness and sorrow. That is a real friend.
And you can give this happiness and confirmation by this friendship sms and messages.

Top Friendship SMS and Messages

Everyday, U make me feel complete nd this is the reason why I first look 4 U every morning. The longing 2 see U every morning is more thn the day be4e.

As I awaken each morning, the dreams of U tht filled up my last night vanish bt the mind nd heart fills up with thoughts of U again.

whn U wake up this morning, U wil find four people knwcking at Ur door. don't send them back as they r – Happiness, Prosperity, Health nd Love. God gifted these four priceless gifts early this morning 2 me nd 2ld 2 shr them with people whom I love the most. I am sharing them with U.

U wil never knw how much blessed nd lucky I feel each morning 2 hve the opportunity 2 wake up nd start the day by just being beside U.    

Greeting some1Good Morning does not only mean tht we want them 2 wake up on a positive note bt sometimes it also carries a silent message of love in it, implying tht we wish tht the entire day goes well 4 them nd gives them immense happiness.

Let the sun rays tht fall upon U each morning remind U tht some1 thinks about U in a very loving nd warm way whn they wake up.

As soon as my eyes open each morning with the pressing of the snooze bt2n on my alarm clock, Ur thoughts fill up my mind nd does not let me fall back 2 sleep again.

Whether it is a sunny or a dull morning, the sunrays brings with it blessings from God 2 start another day of struggle with hope, love nd courage nd make the most of it.

whn I sleep at night, dreams of U love fill up my senses bt whn I wake up in the morning nd I find U beside me, I knw Ur love is not a dream bt reality 4 me.

I don't wish 2 be alive 2 wake up 2 any such morning on which I don't find U next 2 me.

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Top 10 Friendship Messages That Can Convert Enemy Into Friend
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