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10 Best Love SMS Messages For Anyone

10 Best love sms messages for anyone means for your girlfriend,boyfriend,mother,father,husband or wife or say for brother and sister too.Top and very emotional message collection for you.

love sms messages
love sms messages

Best love sms messages are the best way to impress your girlfriend or boyfriend if you are young one and have bf or gf.but if you are a husband then you can use this love sms messages for your wife and if wife then use for your husband.similarly with brothers and sisters these love sms messages are bit emotional and will spark the feeling of pure love emotion to whom you will send through  mobile phones.these love sms messages are the few best selected for your love and you must not ignore this.choose this love sms messages and tell me how it made your love life more healthier and happier.

Love SMS Messages

u r the one 4 me, I knw it evry time I look in ur eyes. I can c my future with u nd evrythin just feels right nd perfect. So love me tmrw as you love me now nd I promis u tht I wil make all ur dreams come true. I love u.

If I were a musician I wud compos 4 u a love song, if I waz a poet I wud write a sonnet. Evn though I am neither, my love 4 u is as sincere as it can b, so just b mine and love me, from now until eternity.

I usd 2 think that my life waz perfect, until I met u and u showd me how much better things could be and what I waz missin. With u by my side now, there is nothin more tht I coud desire 4, I love you.

u were the 1 who stood by me whn life came down too tugh on me, u made me believ in myself and showd me how 2 pull throug all the hardships wit a smile on my face. You hve made life so much better and easier 4 me tht all tht I know now is tht how madly in love I am with u and want to be with u 4ver.

There has nevr been anythingor any1 in thiz world who can bring soo much happines into my life the way u do. u are tht 1 prson who knowz me inside out and lovez me uncnditionaly. I wil alwayz love u and never let u go.

Thy say tht people come into your life 4 a reson. I believ tht, 4 u came into mahh life just whn I neded tht special some1, who can make my life worth livin. u complete me, nd make me feel lik a new prson evry day. Thank u 4 being who u r.

ur smile lights up my day nd just whn I'm feelin low, I think of u nd the beautiful memories tht we hve shard together. u r the reasn 4 tht spring in my step nd the song in my heart. I love u.

In the mornig whn I wake up, the first thoght in my mind iz of u, thiz is how I knw now tht u wer ment to b mine. I love u, I alwayz have nd I alwys wil, 4 no 1 else can evr compare nd come close 2 what u mean 2 me.

There r times in 1's life whn 1 knowz wit absolute clarity wht thy want. The moment u walkd into mahh life I knew tht it had ben u all along. I love u now nd forevr.

Words can't expres how I about u feel, 4 me in my heart ur love is the only thing tht is real. I can't spend a day aprt from u, nd in mah heart I knw tht u r mine nd I'm urs forver more.

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10 Best Love SMS Messages For Anyone
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