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12 Famous Happy Friendship Day Love quotes and Moments in HQ

Happy friendship day quotes and photos.what is relationship between two friends that is love below are those photos and quotes that shows what a true love is those golden moments of friendship.

Friendship is the relationship of soul when everyone leaves your hand then your friends hold your hand and takes you away from your troubles he supports you in tough conditions so there is no relationship like friendship.history says people die for their here we have those photos and quotes that describes the true definition of friendship.We have slideshow of such photos that will spark the emotion of friendship within you and you will know the why friendship is the best relationship that is the reason worldwide friendship day is celebrated.friendship has no limit it can be with your pet animals or opposite sex.friendship is just a emotion and a true enjoy the most famous and awesome happy friendship day quotes and Photo slideshow.

Famous Friendship Day Quotes

ur frind is the man who knws all abt u, nd still liks u .
A Hug is worth of Thouzand wrds nd A Frind iz Indeed more thn Tht.
A Real Frind is 1 who walks IN , whn the World walks out frm ur life.
A good frind is 1 who tell u tht u r a good EGG while he knw u r slightly Cracked.
Friendship is genuin whn u nd ur frind is happy withut speaking a Single Word.
Friendship is 9t a game which evry1 can play like Fotball , It is like Swiming whre at evry moment u hve to save urself.
A wife iz a Friend First, Wife 2nd and probably most imprtnt a Maid 3rd.

12 Most Famous Happy friendship Day Moments in HQ Photos Slideshow

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12 Famous Happy Friendship Day Love quotes and Moments in HQ
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