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18 Life-Changing Flirting Tips You Wish You Knew About Sooner

Flirting tips that always works. You will really wish that you knew it sooner. Nevertheless it's not too late for you.

18 Life-Changing Flirting Tips You Wish You Knew About Sooner
18 Life-Changing Flirting Tips You Wish You Knew About Sooner

Flirting tips for men and flirting tips for her. These 18 flirt tips will make you most loving person for girls. Girls will be carzy for you if you follow these magical and most charming flirt tips.

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1.Respect if she says No

Meet every woman with respect and respect all forms of "no." Never exceed the limits!

2.Show confidence

Radiate confidence and satisfaction. This will be particularly successful in your own life - even without women! - is already exciting and meaningful. Women are no longer dependent on a partner as "main life content" and act more independent and sovereign. Women and men may be successful in making relationship who also have other passions than the other sex. Loneliness is certainly not a good flirt base. That is why it is important to have male friends too.

3.Your style makes difference

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Women appreciate details and feel valued by these. Also enrich your appearance with details (eg a special bracelet, hat, tattoo). Striking details can make it much easier to get into a conversation.

4.Be clever while talking. Read below how to do it?

There is no perfect conversation for flirting with women. Whatever you say as an introduction, this can be optimal for the moment. Do not give up on quotes and quotes ("Hello, has an angel been lost to heaven?" Try to trigger an inner response of the type "Why not?". Consider flirting with women already a vague answer as the first success, because it is at least not a clear rejection and keeps all possibilities open.

5.How to ask her questions

Always act if you have only one opportunity to speak to a certain woman. If you do nothing, the result is a clear rejection: you will never see this woman again! So do not try to lose anything else (suggestion: "Excuse me if I make you so easy-but I would never forgive you if I could make you disappear without a word," Hello "To have said."). By asking questions you can only improve your chance! Always be aware of the importance of consistent action on unique occasions.

6.What you don't have to do

Do not give yourself "desperate" or "helpless". Whimpering, begging or nagging for attention or sex. This will only take you into the position of a small child. In addition, you undermine your self-esteem and disregard.

7.Going on..

Be always active to a woman. Do not give up too early. Even after a long series of refusals, things can still turn.

8.How to behave if she says NO

Define your idea of "successful Flirt ". You already value it as a success if you could gain new experience. Do not be discouraged by refusing ("no")of individual women. Consider each "no" as a "useful experience", "normal hurdle", "necessary pause" or further step to the goal. Presumably, each "no" saves you a series of later disappointments.

9.What not to do if she says NO

In the case of a "no", leave all unfavorable self-talks (for example, "This shows again what a sucker I am." "It never works"). Instead, practice in more helpful ways. For example, consider whether the woman of your interest does not happen to have a bad day. Check whether a rejection does not even bring immediate benefits to you by giving you the opportunity to make the most of the day in a different way.

10.Become like a marketing specialist

Consider your "presentation" as a "selling". Make a "number game" from it and deal with the facts like a merchant: This must also lead to numerous sales talks before he makes a successful conclusion. Rely on the "large number" of your experiments.

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11.More girls more opportunity

Do not put everything on a single card. Flirt with several women at the same time and keep several irons in the fire. This will help you to "lose everything" in the event of a single flirt. It also saves unnecessary nervousness. Instead, you are more likely to act out of the feeling that you ultimately risk little in the face of the total number of your chances in the individual case. With such an attitude, you will be more self-assured, more confident and more relaxed. This is appreciated by many women and improves your prospects of success.

12.How to give signs that you are interested in her

Take every chance to flirt. Be always looking for opportunities. Feel free to take the first step. Do not wait for the admittance to give a sign (which is not necessarily in their nature). If you act yourself, you have a "strong" and "determined" effect on your opponent. They convey the impression of a man who controls the course of his life.

13.What not to say to yourself

"I do not have time", "I'm ridiculous (I'm sorry for my reputation)," "I can not do it," I'm missing the seduction know-how. If necessary, get support from male friends (definitely not for women!).

14.Take your girl to these places

Take advantage of the many small everyday situations to flirt or practice (lift, cafeteria, coffee shop, canteen, fitness studio, restaurant, book shops, exhibitions, etc.). Consider flirting as a game. Do not leave a single woman out.

15.The best places where you can flirt easy

Look for places that facilitate contact with women, such as a yoga classes, standard dancing classes , volunteer clubs (these are also Mostly in the hands of women), junk markets, open air concerts, kitchens in department stores, bars of hotels with many female businessmen, seminars on personality development, parks where women run dogs, courses or events.

16.How to get more girls even if you have the best one

Let the circumstances work for you. Use constrained pauses everyday creatively (eg while waiting at the airports or in the car park). Flirt with others on such occasions! At least a smile is always possible. Ask yourself how you can make the most of the situation or develop the most fun.

17.What is your goal

Focus on a clear and short-term goal when flirting. For example, just imagine creating romantic feelings, keeping a phone number, or arranging for coffee.

18.These are the things that every beautiful girl wants from you

Always hang up a little and offer yourself for a conversation. For example, carry a giant teddy bear, carry a striking piece of jewelry, a tattoo - in short, everything that a can initiate a conversation. Borrow a baby from the baby carriage. Do not be surprised at how much interest you have in women.

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18 Life-Changing Flirting Tips You Wish You Knew About Sooner
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