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Flirting (17 Types Of Situations,51 Quotes) For Boys And Girls

Flirting tips and techniques for 17 types of situations with 51 quotes,sms,messages to flirt with boy, girl, men and women. The epic Guide of Flirtation.


The epic guide of flirting. You Will find detailed information about flirting tips and techniques on the following topics.
  1. 13 ways to flirt a girl
  2. Top 10 flirting tips
  3. How to flirt if you are a shy person
  4. How to know if a guy is flirting with you
  5. How to get a guy to flirt with you
  6. Best flirting tips
  7. How to make most of your flirting
  8. Signs if a girl is flirting with you
  9. How to intelligently flirt with a girl
  10. Office flirting
  11. Flirting signs and signals that man and women gives
  12. Top 10 flirting movies ever
  13. Top 10 teenage flirting movie
  14. Flirting Picture Quotes
  15. Flirting quotes
  16. Flirting SMS
  17. Flirting Messages

(1)13 ways to flirt a girl

Flirting is an art it involves mixing of communication skills, humor, expression and many other things that impress a girl and convince her to spend some time with you. In reality flirting is an art. So below are 10 ways to flirt a girl that will help you when you want to flirt with a girl.

  1. Self esteem and confidence. these are two important things that you must have that forces others to notice you.
  2. Being playful. flirting means active communication full of fun and humor. So be such person and work on your body language.
  3. Smile always works. So learn to smile all the time. It brings positivity.
  4. If you want to approach a girl than find something positive in her so that you can comment on her.
  5. Show some respect for her while trying to flirt.
  6. Look deep into her eyes while talking to her.
  7. Try to tease her little bit and watch her reaction is she responding on your flirty behavior in affirmative way.
  8. Show some interest in her in which she is interested.
  9. Get close to her but not too close.
  10. Compliment her on her beauty.
  11. Start a stimulating talk. ask about her job and other things. ask open ended questions on anything and add some humor in it.
  12. Monitor her activity and than act according to the reactions.
  13. Praise her all the time through songs or quotes.

(2)Top 10 flirting tips

Below are the top 10 flirting tips that will help you to impress a girl or flirt with a girl. It includes from her reaction to your body language. Below are set of actions that you have to perform whenever you are trying to flirt with a girl.

  1. Making connection with things. Suppose you like her hair than compare her hairs with any famous painting object. or say your hairs look like Katrina kaif's hair. and you are more beautiful than her.
  2. Smile and communicate with feelings. Like look her with naughty smile so she understands your clue. It is also called provocative glance.
  3. Original compliment. If she is really beautiful than many people have given her compliment on her looks so this time you need to be different. So choose odd things like your neck is very appealing. And try to make original compliment.
  4. Monitor what she wearing. It will help you in future. Remember things that she is wearing today so in future you can say like " you were looking gorgeous in that black dress that day".It will touch her heart when she will notice that you remember every little thing of her. It makes you master of flirting.
  5. Give her some space. If she does not give you her phone number in very first meeting than don't force her. give her some time to monitor you. And if she gives than don't call him thoroughly all the time.
  6. Show some knowledge that you also know few things. Like use some profound English words. Girls really like literate boys. So show ff like you also know something.
  7. Crack some jokes depending on situations. Like if you are flirting with a girl in shopping mall than crack joke on someone's dress up and try to make her laugh.
  8. Have patience. When you are trying to flirt with a girl don't overdo things. be relaxed and take some time to respond her in same way.
  9. Try to make her happy. You can make her happy by helping her selecting books and carrying her objects. This are the basic of flirting and you will be able to flirt successfully with any girl if you master it.
  10. Make her feel special. Make her realize that you really care about her, and boldly tell her that you are very beautiful and there is no one like you. Such things really works while you are flirting with a hot girl. Because hot girls ants to hear such words.

(3)How to flirt if you are a shy person

Flirting has no limits does not matter if you are a shy person. Below tips will make you master of flirting because you will make your shyness a weapon. It's time to convert your shyness into cute things.

  1. If you are a shy than you are a safe person and less dangerous in people's eyes.People will become more comfortable with you. You can use this line if you are a shy person. "I am really a shy person but you seem to be very open minded...what's up" try this line and you become a great flirt king in no time.
  2. If you are a shy it means you talk less. Again it is your strength because other people like to talk about themselves. You just have to ask questions. But ask with showing interest. because girls like good listener. So again your shyness will work as a strength to flirt with girls.
  3. If you are shy person and your girl knows it than she also knows that you don't talk too much. Now what you need to do is use proper body language as a medium of communication. Show deep interest in what she is talking and ask questions. It will make her feel that you are interested in her and she will talk more with you.
  4. Use your body language to flirt. As she knows that you are a shy person and talk less so whatever you do she will monitor. from moving head to picking something up. If she is interested in you than she will monitor your every action. Here you become attention grabber. Now what else you want.

(4)How to know if a guy is flirting with you

You suspect a boy that he is flirting with you..But on what basis you made thic conclusion. May be that he is doing just because he thinks you are a good person it may be his nature but it does not mean that he is flirting with you. So below are the some signs for you to check if a guy is flirting with you. You can be sure if he does following things.

  1. Notice her eye contact. If he makes eye contact all the time with you like from staring  to eating. If he is looking at you all the time than it means he is surely trying or flirting with you.
  2. Listen to her compliments that he makes for you. If he always compliments you even on stupid things than it is obvious that he is overdoing it and it means he is flirting with you.
  3. Attention seeker. If he forgets everyone except in the room just to grab your attention than he wants to flirt with you. If he cracks jokes and looks to you for your reaction it means he just want you attention.
  4. Monitor his body movement. If he touches your hand while talking to you or puts his hand on your shoulder while offering you for a drink or dinner than it means he is flirting.
  5. His personality. If he talks you too much and ask personal questions to you and shows that he want to know more about you than surely he wants to flirt with you.

(5)How to get a guy to flirt with you

Flirt is step forward for relationship or even marriage so if you like a guy and want to flirt with him or want that he should flirt with you than below are some steps that you can use to get a guy to flirt with you.

  1. When you meet with him than make eye contact for few seconds and than start talking. 
  2. If he does not look at you than turn your head and look him for a while and give a naughty smile and revert your focus from him. It will create a spark in guy's mind and heart and he will fall for you.
  3. Laugh during conversation even if he is not talking funny. just make him realize that you feel awesome in his company.
  4. Find something common between you and him. Engage him in a conversation of same interest and touch him gently on hand and shoulder.
  5. Whenever you end your conversation. give him a naughty smile and make her realize that you will like to talk him more.

(6)How to get a girl to flirt with you

If you like a girl and want to flirt with her than below tips will help you. Through this she will fall for you and will be interested more in knowing you and in future you may have a strong relationship.

  1. Ask about her not about you. Ask things that she likes and pretend like you also like that and say some words in praising of that topic.
  2. Compliment her whenever she tries something new. Compare her with any celebrity.
  3. Be funny and crack jokes but not so much funny. try to bring smile on her face.
  4. Be confident and never leave a chance to talk her. Don't be shy to talk to her.
  5. Leave a conversation empty and awake some curiosity in her. Like tell her " you look similar to that actress but don't tell her name of the actress" Tell her that you will tell the name later. it will create some curiosity in knowing that name and same fr you as well.

(7)How to make most of your flirting when you are in job

There are always laws for flirting. sometimes you start flirting at wrong place and the result is failed.So below tips will guide you when and where to start flirting.

  1. Never flirt while working in a office. there are some places in office where you can flirt with like at coffee machine and water cooler but never do it while your flirty is working.
  2. Be careful while flirting with your senior otherwise she can get an impression like you want a promotion and all of your flirting effort will vanish.
  3. Find open territory while you want to flirt when you are in job like do it when you are at party or at club with office colleagues.
  4. Be careful while flirting when doing it with someone may be that you are doing it just for fun and for one day but other person can assume like you are doing it because you love her. So keep this things in mind and give limited flirting signs to women.
  5. Don't speak about flirting to other people otherwise they will make fun of you or create rumors about you that can be hazardous for you. So do flirting with care and watch and monitor others.

(8)Signs if a girl is flirting with you

what are the signs if a girl is flirting with you. How to know if she is flirting with you. below are 5 steps that will make you taking a right decision for moving ahead if a girl is flirting with you.

  1. Know the situation. If you are at workplace and girl interacts with you than it does not mean the she is giving you flirting signals. may be that she just want to know you but when you are at restaurant or at party and she interacts with you than chances are higher that she is flirting with you.
  2. Check her body language. If she touches on your shoulder and keep her hand over your hand while talking than these are the signs that she is flirting with you. If in any conversation there is something sweet you say and she touches your chick than these are the sings that she is flirting with you.
  3. Touching. If in any conversation she is making eye contact with you for a while and be silent for few seconds and than smile it means that she is interested in you and giving you sign that she wants to flirt with you.
  4. Check her behavior. If she compliments you over your work or dressing and always talk about you with other people than it means that she is giving you flirting signals.

(9)How to intelligently flirt with a girl

Intelligently flirting means you are flirting and she even would not know that and she will be crazy for your company. she will always think about you. so this are the tips to flirt with a girl if you want to impress and make her crazy in your love.

  1. Make direct eye contact.
  2. Make accidental intentionally physical contact like touching her hand.
  3. Keep a arm open attitude towards her.
  4. Speak gently. speaking too fast and too slow are the signs that you are nervous so keep calm and speak gently when you flirt with a girl. Don't let her know even if you are really nervous.
  5. Listen more speak less. Don't be talky person. apart from that focus your attention on listening than speaking. girls like to talk and they like a person who listen to them so be a good listener if you want to get success in flirting with her and want to impress her.

(10)Office flirting

There are few things that you need to look while flirting in office, because there are many people are around you and they cam make rumors about both of you and it will impressionate a bad image of yours and her. So look for below tips if you want to flirt in office.

  1. Pay her attention and help her when she is in trouble or pissed off while working.
  2. Make accidental touches, sit nearer to her and pass naughty smile.
  3. Listen to her.
  4. Look her when she goes to water cooler and coffee machine and pass a naughty smile.
  5. compliment her over her hair style and dressing.
  6. Do not flirt when she is working or say don't disturb her.
  7. Look her continuously for 5 seconds and than suddenly look at her lips and than again look her eyes, it will create spark in her.
  8. Do not flirt with her commonly in office in front of other people.
  9. Invite her for a dinner and talk genuinely with her. 

(11)Flirting signals and signs man and women gives

Flirting sings and signals that a man gives

  1. If he compliments you.
  2. If he looks intentionally in your eyes.
  3. If he is always around you. If he is always offering you help. If he ignore all and focus his attention over you.
  4. If he makes accidental touches.
  5. If he always ask you for lunch or dinner.
  6. If he looks at you when you sit off from chair and go to water cooler and coffee machine.
  7. If he always talks about you with others.

Flirting signals and signs that a woman gives

  1. If she touches your hand while talking.
  2. If she smile while you are talking and constantly look at you.
  3. If she moves her hair over your face.
  4. If she says smoething good over your dressing.
  5. If she secretly looks at you when you are working.
  6. If she chases you when you sit off from a chair and go somewhre else for relief.
  7. She always try to talk with you.
  8. She talks about you with others.

(12)Top 10 flirting movies ever

Top 10 flirting movies ever that will help you to learn something practical about flirting techniques.

  1. Unfaithful
  2. Flirt
  3. The other boleyn girl
  4. Dangerous liaisons
  5. Dirty dancing
  6. Pretty women
  7. Body of evidence
  8. Flirting
  9. Lie with me
  10. The little mermaid

(13)Top 19 teenage flirting movie

If you are a teenager and want to learn how to flirt with a girl in school or at coaching class than these movie will help you to learn the art of flirting techniques to impress a girl and fall in love with her.

  1. ferris buellers day off 
  2. risky business 
  3. the breakfast club 
  4. grease 
  5. dirty dancing 
  6. pretty in pink 
  7. she's the man 
  8. clueless 
  9. never been kissed 
  10. she's all that 
  11. 10 things i hate about you 
  12. sydney white and the 7 dorks 
  13. fast times at ridgemont high 
  14. 13 going on 30 
  15. mean girls 
  16. can't buy me love 
  17. john tucker must die 
  18. 17 again 
  19. 50 First Dates

(14)Flirting picture quotes for boys and girls

These are the best flirting picture quotes that you can send to your dear ones.

 flirting picture quotes
 flirting picture quotes

 flirting picture quotes
 flirting picture quotes

 flirting picture quotes
 flirting picture quotes

 flirting picture quotes
 flirting picture quotes

 flirting picture quotes
 flirting picture quotes

 flirting picture quotes
 flirting picture quotes

 flirting picture quotes
 flirting picture quotes

 flirting picture quotes
 flirting picture quotes

(15)Flirting quotes

These are the one of the best flirting quotes for boys and girls. Send this best flirting quotes to impress your loving ones.

  1. My first name and your last name would sound great together. 
  2. I think you have to be cool to be a good flirt, and I don't think I'm very cool.
  3. The spaces between your fingers are meant to be filled with mine.
  4. No one knows who you are, but you are a celebrity in my eyes.
  5. I want to be the girl your ex will hate, your mom will love, and the one you are never going to forget.
  6. Will you be my boyfriend?Blink fr eyes. lick your elbow for no.
  7. I might as well call you google, because you have everything that i am looking for.

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(16)Flirting SMS

Flirting SMS are one of the best thing that you can do to start flirting with a girl or boy. So enjoy this charismatic and magnetic and really one of the top flirting sms.

  1. There is nothing wrong about me, except having you.
  2. If you want me, it takes more than a wink, more than a drink and more than you think.
  3. If the weapon is your love, i got me hands up,If you are gonna take me down.
  4. You may fall from the sky, you may fall from a tree, but the best way to fall is in love with me.
  5. Excuse me, if i go staright this way, will i be able to reach your heart?
  6. Kiss me and you will stars, love me and i will give them to you.
  7. Not many people can take my breath away, but you don't even have to try.

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(17)Flirting Messages

Flirting messages are your emotions and techniques to flirt with a girl so enjoy this one of the best flirting messages and reach upto top in becoming flirting master.

  1. I'm denying your existence in my head.. but i gotta admit, i want you as much as hell.
  2. If i had a badge for every time you made me smile, the girl scouts would be jealous.
  3. Don't say yuo love me if you dont mean it.because i might do something stupid like believe it.
  4. Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet but nothing compared to you.
  5. Kiss me and you will see how important i am.
  6. Every minute i spend with you is like being in heaven and looking in an angel's eyes.
  7. You wanna know who's amazing and has the cutest smile ever? read the first word again.
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