Thursday, 22 November 2012

Flirt Messages

flirting is an art of making relationship. learning this art means trying on any girl and getting success in it. Flirt is not limited to boys only. Now a days girls also likes to flirt. whenever they see any hunky man or boy. similarly boys also goes for any hot woman. Bu the question is is flirting possible without meeting someone.

Can you impress any girl without even talking to her. Yes this is possible with flirting messages. when you are having discussion on phone with girl then you can send this romantic flirty messages to her and try to impress her.

Text Message Flirting

Roses R red
Sky is blue
The whole world knows,
I love U!!
The man who discovered alphabets was a genius bt he made 1 small mistake; he put ‘I ‘nd ‘U’ so far apart.

Whn the God found me l1ly he created U 2 become mine.

This is a gift. Scroll down 2 know wht U hve own.
L--- -
Lo--- -
Lov- -
Love –
Love U!!
I hve called Ur number 5 times
Bt it was busy
So I hve sent the moon 2 say U Goodnight!!
Dear MadM,
This is in response 2 Ur classified 4 Lovers I M 4warding my resume 4 Ur consideration.

I hve d1 certification course in kissing. Hve d1 a diploma in loving nd hve specialized in sending romantic gifts.

I was also given the special prize 4 being the most romantic lover in my batch. I M hopeful tht I will meet Ur criteria.

Looking 4ward 4 Ur reply.

Urs truly,

Sorry 4 disturbing U bt I think U hve taken away 1 precious thing on mine without telling. My heart!
This is an exciting exchange offer 4 U. In exchange of my heart U can agree 2 become mine 4ever.
I hve 9t saved Ur number in my cell ph1. I hven’t kept Ur pho2 in my album. Boz I keep the special people in my heart nd U R most special 2 me.

2day whn I woke up I had my mind was filled with U. So, here is my first message 4 U 2 wish U Good morning!
Love is pure
Love is true
U love me nd,
I love U!

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Flirt Messages
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