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11 Hindi English Naughty SMS And Messages To Flirt

11 Hindi english naughty sms and messages to flirt with your girlfriend or wife. This are extremely hot and perfect for flirting.

11 Hindi English Naughty SMS And Messages To Flirt 

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today we have brought best naughty flirt sms and messages to send to your girlfriend and wife or toaany other other girl to whom you want to flirt. This are the best flirting messages and extremely naughty. I think these are the perfect for flirting. This are written in both the language in hindi and english. It happens sometimes you ae in mood to love someone but your opposite partner is not in moood so if you want to change his mind or heart then send this naughty flirty sms and messages perhaps this pay work for you. If she really likes this sms, then this sms and messages can psark the emotion of naughtyness and love in your partner's heart.

If you are a female or any girl then you can also send this beautiful flirting sms and messages to your boyfriend if you want to romance with your boyfriend tonight. actually this can bring smile on her face as this are double meaning sms and messages so dshe will surely undertand what are you trying to say. You don't need to explain what you want from her tonight. she will know it by this sms andmessages. So send this naughty sms and messages to flirt. If she is not in a good mood then send her or him.

11 Hindi english naughty sms and messages to flirt

Santa kapoor is beaten by teacher on his hips, he came back home and after looking at his hips in the mirror said :- "saale ne maar maar ke tukde kar diye"

Santa sharma: Oye batna don't marry that girl, she is like a taxi.
Banta verma: chhoti si to city he yaar.....kitni chali hogi.

Guy: agar me tumhe naked dekh lu to to khushi ke maare mar jau
Girl: aur gar me tumhe naked dekh lu to haste hate mur jau

Imthaan aur suhaagraat ke baad common dialigue : kaisa hua
"achha hua | Thoda bada tha , thoda chuut gaya, aata tha per thik se kar nahi paya | phir bhi jaisa hua achha hua.

A woman gave birth to 6 babies and on seeing this she got off the hospital bed, slapped her husband and shouted :" Mene tumhe kaha tha naa doggy style me mat karo"

Billu: me ghar jate hi biwi ki panty utaar dunga
Gullu: Oye tu to bahut mood me he
Billu: nahi yaar | mujhe bahut tight ho rahi he

A lady lost 3 panties, she blamed her naukrani in front of her husband...naukarani said ,"saab apko to maloom he ki main andar kuch nahi pahanti"

Behind every successful woman, there is a satisfied man, but behind a satisfied woman there is an exhausted man.

Q.Why is waist called a waist?
A.BeCause anything above the p*****sy and below the b*****s is a waste.

Q.What is 6 inches long, two inches wide has a head on it and women love it.

Why did god give men p*****is
So they would have at least one way to shut a women up.

marriage is the price men pay for sex and sex is the price women pay for marriage.

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11 Hindi English Naughty SMS And Messages To Flirt
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