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Top 10 Best Punjabi Shayari By Shahrukh Khan

Top 10 best punjabi shayari,sms and messages by shahrukh khan from bollywood movies to impress girl.

Top 10 Best Punjabi Shayari By Shahrukh Khan
Top 10 Best Punjabi Shayari By Shahrukh Khan
Punjbai shayari by shahrukh khan

Why Shayari are so popular?

The main reason of popularity of shayari in India is bollywood actors. If we look at the inside then we will know the fact that since from the early starting like 1980 bollywood actors are using Hindi shayari to impress actresses in there movie. Since then shayari is excessively and widely used in bollywood movies. And who is the king of romance in bollywood? Everybody knows the answer. The king of romance is shahrukh khan and he has used many such shayari in bollywood movies to impress his girlfriend. We are sharing those shayari that are told by shahrukh khan in movies. From veer zaara to jab tak hai jaan we are sharing all of the shayaris told by shahrukh khan, who is the king of romance.

What are shayari?

Shayaris are actually a bunch of words arranged in such a manner using Urdu and poetry system to impress a person. In old days shayaris are written for only one purpose and that is how to impress a girl. All of these shayaris are in Hindi extent. So you can say Hindi shayari by shahrukh khan. We are taking shahrukh khan just because of one reason and that is "shahrukh khan is the king of romance in bollywood".

Why Punjabi shayari by shahrukh khan?

All of his romantic movies have become super duper hit in India and outside of India. That is why the credit of popularity of shayari goes to shahrukh khan. So all of the shayari are written in Punjabi. So you can also say Punjabi shayari by shahrukh khan. Shahrukh khan played the role of a Punjabi person in many movies. you can take example from veer zaara movie. Where he played the role of Punjabi army officer and how he goes to Pakistan to impress preity zinta. And Punjabi shayari extensively used in that movie along with there are many types of movies where the Punjabi shayri has been extensively used. From all of these bollywood movies to action movies where ever he acted in a new movie, he used Punjabi shayari. And I think now a day's Punjabi shayri has become a medium to express love feelings for anyone. So we are sharing some of the beautiful collection of Punjabi shayari especially by shahrukh khan.

How shahrukh khan use Punjabi shayari

Punjabi shayari are like romance shayri to impress your girlfriend and these are just like any Hindi or Urdu shayari. Whenever in bollywood movies shahrukh khan used to be sad then he express his feeling through sad shayaris. so you can also say that these are hurt sms. Along with naughty flirty sms and messages are also extensively used in bollywood movies. For example whenever and actor trying to impress actress and suddenly raining start then uses barsaat shayari to impress her. There are many types of shayari that have been used in bollywood movies. So you can also say that this Punjabi sms are like the best love sms for how to impress a girl. You can also use this Punjabi shayari as good night sms or good morning messages.

So enjoy this beautiful collection of shayari with your loved ones. If you like this Punjabi shayari that don't forget to share it on google plus and hit a like button on facebook.

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Top 10 Best Punjabi Shayari By Shahrukh Khan
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