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Naughty Flirty Messages and Sms

Naughty Text Messages, Flirty text messages and sms.

Naughty Flirty Messages and Sms
Naughty Flirty Messages and Sms

Naughty Flirty sms messages and quotes for your boy and girl,Very Double meaning messages to make him or her romance sms messages collection.

today we are sharing naughty flirty messages and sms with you. i have a question from you what do you do when you want to take your girlfriend for a long ride but you don't know the right questions and you also don't know how to ask her so that she can be agree to come with you for a long ride in. what do you do when you have to say i love you to her are you really lack of words or you don't know how to express your feelings towards her? or some time it happens that you want to say something but in a coded way so that she understands them later and get happy this is called naughtiness, where you express your feelings but in a coded form and she get it later. she understand the meaning of those lines later and become so excited. so this is the way naughty flirty sms and messages can be used. this are very double meaning messages and any person does not understand them instantly but gets it later. today we are sharing those beautiful naughty flirty sms and messages with you which you can send to your girlfriend are boyfriend and then enjoy the romance.

This naughty flirty sms and messages have those emotions which you really want to say to your dear ones like you want to say sometimes i love you in a different way than this flirty sms and messages will do that job for you and sometimes you want to express your emotions like how deep i love you, i want to hug you, i want to kiss you. so there are various types of things that you want to express but do not know that special way to express them then this naughty flirty sms and messages will do that job for you.

if you miss her ,you cry for her and you want to make her smile, you want to make her laugh. you want to be in with her all the time like in morning afternoon and night or you want to touch her. again you want to ignite the love flames in her heart then i will recommend using this naughty flirty sms and messages.

Naughty Text Messages to Send to a Guy

U're Attractive, Gorgeous, Sexy, Intelligent, Smart, Charming, Sophisticated, Fit, Kind & Generous. In fact U're becoming more like me everyday!

Last night I couldn't sleep. I wanted U warm against my skin. I wanted U on me. I wanted 2 feel U all over my body ... bt I couldn't find U! Where did I put my PAJMAS?

How 2 impress a woman: hug + kiss her, compliment + love her, protect + listen + support her.
How 2 impress a man: Show up with beer!

Wht's the quietest place in the world? The complaint department at the parachute packing plant.

He cMe at night,
explored my body,
got on 2p of me,
2uched me,
he bit, , swaddled, whn he was satisfied,
he left,
i was hurt,

Love is a sensation tht is caused by temptation. A boy puts his location in a girls destination. Do u get my explanation or do u wanna demonstration?

I think I should tell U wht people r saying behind Ur back.... Nice HIPS!!!

I want 2 2uch Ur lips
taste Ur 2ngue
smell Ur breath... I love chocolate!

Wht's hairy on the outside nd moist inside, begins with a 'C' ends with a 'T' nd has U' nd 'N' in between? Answer: 'COCONUT'

It goes in dry it comes out wet. The longer it's in the stronger it gets. We can hve it in bed just U nd is 9t wht U think - it is a cup of tea!

Thr's a can of whipped creM waiting 4 U by the bed. I'm Ur dessert 2night.

Want 2 see wht I really want? Come over 2night.

Girl: Will U love me after marriage also?
Boy: This depends on Ur husbnd, if he allows me.

I want 2 sOCk U... lEAk U... wanna move my 2ngue all over U...wanna feel U in my mouth...yup, tht is how an ice creM!

Mental anxiety,
Mental breakdowns,
Menstrual crMps,
Did U ever 9tice how all women problems begin with MEN!

Why was Phillips girlfriend annoyed?
Coz she found out tht Phillips 24 inch was a TV.

Whtever U say, whtever U do, I will always love U!

Nver make love in the garden or in the fields...... 4 love might be blind bt Ur neighbors r 9t!

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U nd I 2gether.

If love is a crime, lock me up, I'm guilty baby.

I know U're busy 2day, bt can U add 1 thing 2 Ur 2-do list? Me.

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Naughty Flirty Messages and Sms
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