Best by Mirza Galib-Hindi Shayari and Sms  for Love, hurt, sad and self respect. Show your self respect to girl with this Shayari.

Hindi Shayari sms for love hurt sad and self respect by Mirza Galib
Hindi Shayari sms for love hurt sad and self respect by Mirza Galib

Sometimes it happens with you when you get cheated in love and your girlfriend tries to blame and put the allegation on you. If this is the scenario with you than here we have some of the best Hindi Shayari and sms for you through which you can show some self respect for yourself. You can send this sms and Hindi Shayari to your girlfriend who did hurt you and she will really show some respect towards you.

What if your relationship did not go smooth way it does not mean that someone will blame you or you hurt someone. It happens with relationships some get success and some not but it does not mean that she starts blaming you and hurt your self respect. There should be a limit in every relationship and when there is no limit it leads to love failure. So here we have Hindi Shayari and seems that show a sense of self respect.

If you are hurt and sad than send this sms and Shayari to your boyfriend or girlfriend and deserve an emotion of self respect.

Hindi Shayari sms for love hurt sad and self respect By Mirza Ghalib

Kisi ki kya mazal thi jo koi hame kharid sakta ........
hum to khud hi bik gaye khariddar dekhke

Tohmate to lagti rahi Roj nayi nayi hum per 
Magar jo sabse hasi ilzam tha woh tera nam tha

Hum na Badlenge Waqt ki raftar ke saath 
Jab bhi milenge Andaaz purana Hoga.

Zindagi se hum apni kuch udhhar nahi lete 
Kafan bhi lete he to apni Zindagi dekar.

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