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Best Shayaris only for Sad and Tanhai in hindi and urdu

Best Shayaris and sms only for those who lost their love and still loves them. I still love her and can die for her Shayari.

Best Shayaris only for Sad and Tanhai in hindi and urdu
Best Shayaris only for Sad and Tanhai in Hindi and urdu

Do you love him or her too much and are sad because he or she left you then do not worry we have a collection of the sad and tanhai sms and Shayari for you. You can send this sad and tanhai SMS and Shayari to your boyfriend and girlfriend to whom you love too much.

It happens sometimes when you love someone from the bottom of your heart and he or she leaves you and never get back to your life than such situation arises when we feel about her all the time. We remember those days that we spent with her and become sad. This is situation in Hindi is called tanhai. So do not let happen this situation or state of mind to you. Tanhai brings sadness and sorrow.

I cannot forget my first love

But no one can forget their first love. I am not writing this post, I am writing my emotions. I also can not forget my first love and I still remember her is my dreams or one time in a day. I cannot forget her and I am still sad even today that i could not spend my entire life with her. 

First love is immortal

That is right that first love is immortal. No one can forget their first girlfriend or boyfriend. But I also know that time has gone and I do not have to be sad anymore because she has gone and left me in her tanhai. So I want to express my sadness tanhai with the help of this Shayari.

If this has also happened to you also then please  spread this sad and tanhai Shayari so that one day it reaches for her and hopefully she comes back into my life.

My emotion from this Shayari - Best Shayari only for sad and tanhai in Hindi and Urdu language.

Woh mera sab kuch he bus mera mukaddar nahi.....
       Kash woh mera kuch bhi na hota sirf mukaddar hota..

Kuch aise Haadse bhi zindagi me hote he  dost ... Insaan bachh to jata he ,magar Zinda nahi rahta.

Kitni fikra he Kudrat ko meri tanhai ki.....
       Jagte Rahte he Raatbhar sitare mere liye.

Uski jeet se hoti he khushi mujhko ....
       Yahi Zawab mere paas Apni haar kaa tha.

Uske haatho ka khilona hi sahi .....
       Kuch der ke liye hi sahi mujhe chahta to he.

Me fanaa ho gaya afsos woh badla bhi nahi...
       meri chahto se bhi sacchi rahi nafrat uski.

Woh azab shakhs tha ae zindagi jise samajh bhi na samajh saka .
        Mujhe chahta bhi ghazab ka tha mujhe chhodkar bhi chala gaya.

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Best Shayaris only for Sad and Tanhai in hindi and urdu
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