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Thinking Of Him SMS And Messages

Are you thinking of him. Then we have best and top sms and messages for you "girls" to send to your boyfriends.

So you love him too much and can not live without your boyfriend. You are madly in his love and he loves you too. So do you really want to express your love towards your boyfriend. Then you are at the right place we have come up with one of the best and romantic thinking of him sms and messages for girls so that they can send this quotes to their boyfriend and can tell him that you love him too much and will die without your love and please do not leave me alone. If your love is to that level, then you can send this sms and messages to your boyfriend that i am going to share it with you. 

Send to your boyfriend this special love sms and messages that says thinking of him all the time and get him to fall in love with you.

Thinking of him SMS and Messages

                  Best Love SMS And Messages Ever(Selected Only)

whn we're 2gether or whn we're apart, U're first in my thoughts nd first in my heart.
So whn Ur l1ly, remember its true tht, some1, somewhere, is thinking of U.
I consider myself a crayon...I might not be Ur favorite color, bt 1 day U're going 2 need me 2 complete Ur picture...
Laying in my bed, rethinking those thoughts tht r running through my head. loving every moment i'm around U. its just like a wonderful fairytale come true.
U r the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my ocean nd the beat in my heart.
2day nd every day, U r in my thoughts nd in my heart.
I instantly smile whn I see a text from U, I don't cr what's in it. It's amazing 2 knw I crossed Ur mind even just 4 a second.
The last person who's on my mind be4e I sleep is surely the first person I think about whn I wake up.
whn I think of U I get this feeling tht I want 2 see U.
I always think of U be4e I fall asleep. The words U said, the things we laughed about, the silent moments we shrd.
I think about U constantly, whether it's with my mind or my heart.
My thoughts r free 2 go anywhere, bt it's surprising how often they head in Ur direction.
Thinking of U is easy - I do it every day. Missing U is the heartache, tht never goes away.
Since whn i start thinking of U, boredom had departed from my life, U mean a lot 2 me.

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Thinking Of Him SMS And Messages
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