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21 First Love SMS, Messages For Boyfriend And Girlfriend

♥First love sms and messages, express your first love through best and top quotes. For boyfriend and girlfriend.

                  Best Love SMS And Messages Ever(Selected Only)

You forget everything but never forget your first love and that is why we have come up with one of the most romantic first love sms and messages for you. Even i still remember my first love. I can not forget her ever she is still in my memory. Boys never forget their first love and similarly girls never forgets their first love. So in course of time if you ever have met wit your first love or you saw him anywhere then it is a good chance to mingle up. Send this best and top first love sms and messages to him of her or try to send him or her on facebook and twitter. This will work for you and may be one more time you get what you ever wanted.

If you are already with your first love then send this messages and sms to express your love towards him and make him remember those golden days when you met each other. so this first love sms and messages are going to work for you in all ways. So enjoy this first love sms and messages.

First Love SMS 

The way he strd at her, like a blind man seeing the light 4 the first time, like a mother looking in2 the eyes of her newborn baby, like an explorer discovering a new divinci.

U knw the first moment U look at him or her nd U felt tht feeling tht U've never felt be4e then U knw U hve fallen in love with just 1 look.

What we like is 2 be a man's last romance.

Every morning I still wake up nd the first thing I want 2 do is see Ur face.

Keep feeling the need 4 being first. bt I want U 2 be the first in love. I want U 2 be the first in moral excellence. I want U 2 be the first in generosity.

No, this trick won't work...How on earth r U ever going 2 explain in terms of chemistry nd physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?

Everyman is thoroughly happy twice in his life, just after he has met his first love, nd just after he has left his last 1.

First Love Messages

Men always want 2 be a woman's first love. tht is their clumsy vanity. We woman hve a more subtle instinct about things.

Our first nd last love is self-love.

No, there's nothing half so sweet in life as love's Ung dream.

The advantage of love at first sight is tht it delays a second sight.

A first love always occupies a special place.

She was my first love, nd I loved her as only a boy loves.

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21 First Love SMS, Messages For Boyfriend And Girlfriend
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