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20 Hindi English Intelligent And Inspiring SMS And Shayari

20 hindi english mix intelligent and inspiring sms, messages and shayari to motivate any person.

20 Hindi English Intelligent And Inspiring SMS And Shayari

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You may have seen gyaan ki baate. Yes we are going to do the same thing, if you want to inspire someone or say motivate anyone then this are the best inspiring Hindi messages and inspirational sms for you. You can send this intelligent and loyal sms to anyone like your brother, sister or son and daughter if you really want to motivate them time to time. these are written very beautifully and works really.

There are many situations where you can not express your feelings by words or unable to say directly to your son or daughter. Then send this inspirational and intelligent sms to them and they will be very happy to see that you really care about them. caring is the best thing. so sending this inspiring sms and shayari can also be a way to show your caring.

Come on! Just try it and tell me the result that it really worked or not. i think this will really work. because these are very inspirational sms and shayari.

Hindi english intelligent and inspiring sms and shayari

Jindagi me dukh ko DELETE Kkaro, khushiyo ko SAVE karo
Dushman ko HIDE karo, Dost ko ENTER karo
phir dekho zindagi ka computer kabhi HANG nahi hoga

Jeewan me safal hone ke liye 3 factory jarur lagao
First: Brain me ICE factory
Second : Jubban per SUGAR Factory
Third : Heart me LOVE factory

ishq ki karna agar, nadaa tujhe manjur he
ishq kar us noor se, jis nur ka yeah nur he

gul se lipti hui titli ki hatakar dekho
aandhiyo, tumne darakhto ko ukhada hoga

Nothing is impossible in this world
because, the world itself says "I-M-POSSIBLE".

The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limit.

Good judgemnent comes from experience , and experience comes from bad judgement

Oh, the tiger will love you. There is no sincerer love than the love of food.

life is a book we all read it.love is ablessing we all need it. always be happy , always have a smile.
Remember in this word we are just for a while.

Happy moments,
Praise god
difficult moments
seek god
Quote moments
worship god
Painful moments
trust god
Every moment
Thank god

Respect your longings.
To respect your longings is to respect the voice of god within you.

marriage may be made in heaven, but a lot of the details have to be worked out here on ea

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20 Hindi English Intelligent And Inspiring SMS And Shayari
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