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21 Most Funny SMS For Husband And Friends

21 most funny sms and shayari for husband and friends. messages that you can share with your closed ones only.

21 Most Funny SMS For Husband And Friends
21 Most Funny SMS For Husband And Friends

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Most funny sms and shayari for friends and husbands specially. because these messages are written  like that , this insult somewhere your wife. so you better take care while sending them to to your wife. so it is better to send to your friends. these are called naughty messages that are shared between males only. these are very funny and will be perfect for your friends group. because they share the real emotion of your heart and also when you return from your office than you want to share some funny things among your friends than these are the best messages and sms for you because these are funny. i think that these are perfect to share in whtsapp only if you have a group then this are the best for you.

Or you can also send this funny sms to the newly married couple to tease them and to bring smile on their face. so just enjoy this lovey and very funny sms and messages with your husband and friends.

Most funny sms, messages and shayari for husband and friends

 Why were males created before females?
because you always need a rough draft before the final copy.

Kareena : will you still love me when my hairs turned grey?
Saif : i sure will...I do not see why not ! after all i have loved you when it was red, yellow, brown, black, silver and orange.

height of patriotism:
" you are sitting on an English toilet in Indian style.

Heaven is : when you have a German car, american salary, Chinese food and Indian wife.
Hell is : when the car is Chinese, food is German, wife is american and salary Indian.

Q.Do you know the difference between stress and tension?
A.stress is when your wife is pregnant. tension is when your secretary is pregnant.

Husband to Wife : do you know the meaning of wife.... it means .....without information fighting every time.
Wife (on hearing this) : it could also mean with idiot for ever.

Bhola finished his exam and came out.
his friends asked him how he did his exam.
Bhola : exam was okay, but for the past tense of THINK , i thought , thought and thought....and at last i wrote THUNK !!!!

He : please darling, whisper those three little words that make walk on air.
SHE : Go hang yourself.

Judge : anything you say in this court will be held against you.
Prisoner: kareena kapoor

SHE : "How do you like my new dress"
HE : "It is very sexy and now, lets drop the subject."

Summer resort:
A place where girls try to get husbands, and husband try to get girls.

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21 Most Funny SMS For Husband And Friends
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