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23 Funny Naughty English SMS For Friends And Girlfriend

23 funny naughty sms and messages for friends and girlfriends in english. perfect to bring smile and make them laugh.

23 Funny Naughty English SMS For Friends And Girlfriend

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Bringing smile on someone face is the best work and tough one is as well. so here we have solution for you. This are the most funny sms for friends and girlfriends. you can send them to make them alugh and bring smile on their face. This messages are double meaning sms and messages that have two meanings and very beautifully written. so you have a great chance to bring smile on your girlfriends's face/ so go for it and send to them. Sometime it happens that relationship becomes weak due to some misunderstanding. So you feel stress and being dominated. so do not worry this sms and messages will work for you and sort out all problams. These are very naughty sms and messages and will surely impress your friends or girlfriends.

So enjoy the beauty of these funny sms and messages  and send them to whatsapp and other social media and on your friends wall or girlfriends's inbox.

Mrs. Dahi and bhalla request the pleasure of Ur company to attend the marriage of their son Gol gappa weds paapdi(D/O Of Mr. Kachori and Mr. Samosa of Tikkipuri) At pastry hall, on 30th February, near Jalebi chowk, basundi nagar.

"Have you got as husband ?"
"Of course. i have but he is just out of order"

i have a confession to make
ever since i have known you
its kinda hard for me to forget you
every night u appear in my dreams
and i find myself shouting

smart boss +smart employee = profit
smart boss +dumb employee = production
dumb boss + smart employee = promotion
dumb boss + dumb employee = overtime

from monday to sunday
from january to december
from birth till my date
my feelings 4 u have never changed
for my... u always have been a
...................A Headache !

i can not hide this from u anymore
i do not want to hurt you
and i feel it is best if i tell you
before you hear it from someone else....
potato price have gone up....

Good morning
have u done two of the most important things  when you woke up today?
1. pray.. so that you may live..
2. take a bath so that others may live too....

friendship is like peeing in Ur pants, everyone can see it but only you can feel its warmth.

i mixed Rum in water and got drunk
i mixed brandy in water and got drunk
i mixed whisky in water and got drunk again.
now i have decided never to drink water again :-)

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23 Funny Naughty English SMS For Friends And Girlfriend
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