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Romantic Text Messages and Sms

Romantic Text Messages for girlfriend and boyfriend that are emotional,sad,loving and sweet. Truly sweet to touch heart.

Text messages are one of the most popular forms of electronic communication. It is an easy way to stay connected with each other when you are unable to have a verbal conversation. Did you know? Sending a romantic text message is also an economic way of declaring your love to your sweetheart and making him/her feel special. Let's get creative with our messages, shall we? Get your phones out and start messaging!

romantic love messages and sms

romantic love messages and sms

What does it mean by romantic text messages

This are the text messages that are very romantic. specially for your boyfriend/girlfriend. This are written in English and very meaningful. This words have emotions, feelings,love and blessings. Some messages are sad that touches the heart and some are very romantic that makes your boyfriend or girlfriend feeling love for you.

Effect of Romantic text messages and sms

What happens when you receive a messages a messages in your mobile phone. You become exited and wish for something good. And if the messages is good you feel happy. The same effect happens when you send this romantic love sms to anyone. This romantic messages are very loving and touches the heart of your loved one's. This messages have pure intention and emotions and filled with love and emotions. So when you send such romantic love messages your boyfriend/girlfriend becomes happy for himself and also for yourself and he send positive vibrations for you that are always filled with love. and your relationship becomes more strong.

How to send this romantic sms

There are many ways you can send this romantic sms texts and messages. First is copy from our blog from your mobile phone and send it directly to your boyfriend/girlfriend number. second is you can copy the selected messages and then send it via email.

You can do it directly from here. below you can see share option. click on it and type your lover's email address and send the email. So this are all the options through which you can send romantic text messages and sms to your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. This are very loving for all types of relationship.

Collection of romantic love text messages and sms

♥ If I had the letters "HRT", I can add "EA" 2 get a "HEART" or a "U" nd get "HURT". Bt I'd rather choose "U" nd get "HURT" thn hve a "HEART" without "U".

♥ If U wake up 1 day & were asked 2 hve a wish, wht would it be? Mine would be tht our love would last until U see an apple in an orange tree.

♥ If 10 people cR 4 U,

1 of thm is me,

If 1 person cRs 4 U tht would be me again,

If no 1 cRs 4 U tht means

I M 9t in this world.

♥ I love U! If U hate me, shoot me with an arrow, bt please 9t on the heart bcoz tht's where U R!

♥ Of all the people I've met, U R the 1 I'll nevr 4get. Nd if I die be4e U do, I'll go 2 heaven nd wait 4 U.

♥ This is a moon, which learns from U,

Tht is a sun, which respects U,

Thr R stars, which shine 4 U,

Nd here... It's me who lives 4 U.

♥ God is wise whn he did 9t put a price tag on U darling. If he did, I won't be able 2 af4d 2 hve a boyfriend (girlfriend) as precious as U.

♥ If I were a tear in Ur eye, I would roll down on2 Ur lips. Bt if u were a tear in my eye, I would nevr cry as I would be afraid 2 lose u!

♥ U R the twinkle of my eyes;

The smile on my lips;

The joy of my face;

Without U I M incomplete.

♥ A person U love is an extension of Urself. Without it, U're 9t complete so better take cR of Urself bcoz I don't want 2 lose a part of me.

♥ My heart 4 U will nevr break. My smile 4 U will nevr fade. My love 4 U will nevr end. I love U!

♥ Words however special,

Could nevr even start,

2 tell U all the love

I hve 4 U, in my heart.

♥ I will walk with U side by side 4 only 1 condition: hide Ur wings every time we walk 2gether bcoz the whole world might know tht U're my angel!

♥ 2 the world, U may be 1 person. Bt 2 me, U R the world!

♥ U showed me how it is 2 be loved.

Now I know wht really love is.

1 day we will be 2gether 4ever.

I cant wait 2 hold U,

in my arms again.

♥ Just caught myself daydreMing about U. I love U so much. XX

♥ I miss the laughs I used 2 get from U, I miss the talks we used 2 hve. Nd above all, I just miss U!


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Romantic Text Messages and Sms

Sending a romantic text message is also an economic way of declaring your love to your sweetheart and making him/her feel special.
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Romantic Text Messages and Sms
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