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Funny Text Messages

Funny Text Messages

Best Funny text and Hilarious sms and messages collection.World class Funny text messages by Best shayari.

bringing smile on someone's face is very easy task. And to bring and make them laugh we have the best collection of humour and funny sms and messages that you can use to bring smile on your boyfriend or girlfriend's face and can make his day better. Thanks to those persons who wrote such funny messages and did it a charity because bringing smile and making laugh is the best charity that anyone can do. So just pick up one of the most funny sms and messages from our collection and send it.

When you return from your work at evening than you want something that releases your pressure and make you calm down. at such time this funny messages really play a big role. This funny messages will make you calm down. release your pressure and keeps frustration away. this have various psychological effects.

Funny text messages

Funny text messages

Funny and Humorous Text Messages

They dropped Ur nMe, can U pick it up?

    I was trying 2 daydreM, bt my mind kept wndering.

    Love me or leave me. Hey, where is everybody going?

    Nice perfume... bt do U really need 2 marinate in it?

    I once sniffed Coke, bt the ice cubes blocked my nostrils.

    U should know wht it takes 2 look this cheap!

    Roses R red, violets R blue, Frankenstein is ugly bt wht the hell happened 2 U?

    Whn I was a dog, nd U were a flower, I walked over U nd gave U a shower!!

    Be nice 2 the 1s who smoke...every cigRtte might be their last.

    Hello, this is GOD. I made a few bad creations bt U R the worst monster I ever realized. My apologies on behalf of the whole world.

   I know why I M single; my pRnts-in-law were 9t able 2 hve kids.

    U used 2 be so ugly tht Ur mothr had 2 tie a steak around Ur neck, othrwise even the dog would 9t play with U.

    Hello I M a virus nd I M entering Ur brain right now... sorry I will leave. I can't find a brain.

    This cat, is cat, a cat, good cat, way cat, 2 cat, keep cat, an cat, idiot cat, busy cat, 4 cat, 20 cat, seconds cat! Now read it all without the word cat!

    God created the earth, God created the woods, God created U 2o, bt yes, even God makes mistakes!

    How would U like Ur egg 4 breakfast.... hard-boiled or impregnated?

    I wanted 2 send u something nice tht would make u smile bt the postman 2ld me 2 get out of the mailbox!

    This message was sent exclusively 4 the hndsome nd the beautiful. We hve obviously sent it 2 the wrong number. We R truly sorry 4 the inconvenience.

    Opticians bend Ur rims/frMes of Ur glasses 4 they R 2o polite 2 say tht Ur ears R in the wrong place.

    A girl ph1d me the othr day nd said..."Come on over, Thr's nobody home." I went over. Nobody was home.

Humor, especially in the 4m of laughter has been the discovery of the human species 2 counteract the daily stress nd worries of life. Imagine a day whn U see no soul around U laughing. 9t even smiling. Won't U think tht the place has been zombi-ed? Funny text messages give us the chance 2 shR jokes with our friends, bringing a smile on their faces, even whn we R physically thousnds of miles apart. So, R U ready 2 spread the smiles
Funny Text Messages
 Best Funny text and Hilarious sms and messages collection.World class Funny text messages by Best shayari
Hilarious Text Messages

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Funny Text Messages
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