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How To Get Rid Of The Habit Of Thinking Negatively?

How to get rid of the habit of thinking negatively?Solution for " i always think negative" "How can i think positive".

How To Get Rid Of The Habit Of Thinking Negatively?
How To Get Rid Of The Habit Of Thinking Negatively?

Our brain is so arranged that its reward systems are activated not only on positive but also on negative emotions.

This is one reason why many of us are unable to cope with recurring unpleasant thoughts.

But we can regroup, explains the positive psychologist Pratibha Sharma.

Have you ever caught yourself constantly replaying unpleasant, painful thoughts and are not ready to let them go?

Maybe you happen to be in the company of a whiner, endlessly telling about some of his failure?

Hardly anyone of us deliberately seeks to engage in self-flagellation.

In us from nature We have desire to become the best version of ourself from nature.

But, surprisingly, the brain is arranged so that its reward system is activated and negative emotions such as anxiety, shame or guilt.

How to overcome fear permanently believe me this works.

In the past this reaction probably spurred us to get out of the cave and go hunting, not to stay without food or behave according to the rules in order not to be rejected by your tribe.

But in the modern world, when our fears are mostly not physical but psychological, this evolutionary feature may bring more harm than good.

Fortunately, we are not doomed to be victims of this situation, we can overcome it.

And here's how to do it step by step.

How to be successful in life as a person belive me this works.


Ask yourself what you are feeling: anxiety, worry, sadness, frustration?

Calling the emotion by giving it a name, we help our brain to feel in control, and not be its slave.


Following the appearance of emotions in our mind is born a thought commentary on the events.

These comments help us to comprehend the situation, as we are trying to connect what happened with what we already know about the world.

Oddly enough, even if we assess the situation as painful,

but it is consistent with our General beliefs about ourselves and about the world that we experience simultaneously pleasant and unpleasant feelings.

For example, we think: "She refused to come because she doesn't like me".

The idea is not to call joyful.

However, it is in line with our belief that we are unworthy of love, and this coincidence leads to the release into the blood of the pleasure hormone dopamine.


Instead of letting your inner commentator to do what he wants, we need to trip him by inventing a version, in the sense opposite to that which he imposed on us.

He says: "She loves me not" – and we respond to it: "She loves me".

He says: "I hate my job" – our response: "My job provides opportunities for growth."

The point of this game with the oppositions that we do not allow ourselves to fall into the trap of negative affirmations.


Now the fun begins! Consider it the opposite – can you confirm it with some examples?

Most likely, you will remember at least one example, even very minor. Make him your support, let the thought of it warms you and inspires, let its value grow in front of your eyes.

Remember all the details: who you were then, what they said, what you felt, what you were doing?

The more you ponder this example, the stronger it is fixed in your long term memory and subtly beginning to change your gloomy view of the world. Believe me this will help you to get rid of thinking negatively.


What will be your next step now, when you look at things more realistically?

Isn't it time to finally stand up and take some constructive action that will propel you forward instead of stuck in place?

Maybe call a friend?

Arrange a brainstorm and see new possibilities in your work?

Remember, when you make decisions, you begin to feel in control of the situation, and this is exactly what you want your brain to be stuck in endless rehashing of the same thoughts.

PS I Hope now you understand that not only guilt, shame or anxiety can activate the reward system in your brain?  So follow all the above tips and soon you will not find answers for how to get rid of habit of thinking negatively.

So act in a positive way and be proud of yourself. Your brain will thank you!

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How To Get Rid Of The Habit Of Thinking Negatively?
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