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Naughty Flirty Sms Message Collection

Flirty SMS Collection
Naughty Flirty Sms Message Collection
Naughty Flirty Sms Message Collection

Biggest collection of naughty flirty sms and messages in our last post we shared how naughty flirty sms and messages can be used, when you want to express your emotion but you are lacking of words. if this is the scenario then definitely naughty sms and messages will be awesome for you. if you want to increase the level of romance in your life ind you want to make your relationship cute, sweet and romantic, then you cannot ignore this naughty flirty sms and messages. these are encoded form, whatever you want to say the person to whom your sending this naughty flirty sms will understand them but later, not instantly. so this is the benefit of naughty flirty sms and messages because person gets them later, they understand them later. they cannot guess the meaning of naughty flirty sms instantly. so these are very good for you.

If sometimes you are hesitating for saying that i want to hug you, i want to kiss you or you want to take her for a long ride but you have a query in your mind you have a thirst, you want to say and you are very desperate to tell her that you want to go for a long ride with her but you are afraid and you are not able to find the exact words that will convince him to come with you. If this are the situations with you then the naughty flirty sms and messages are awesome for you. this will be tremendous for you. this will increase the level of romance in your life and definitely make a strong space in your girlfriend's heart without any doubt you must use this naughty flirty sms messages because they will tell her those words which you are afraid of to say.

Flirty Text Messages

heart Congratulations! U've been voted "Most Beautiful Girl In This Room". Nd the grnd prize is a date with me!

heart Can I click Ur picture so I can show Santa wht I need this X'mas?

heart Thou art 2 me a delicious 2rment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

heart Just making sure U hven't s2pped thinking about me...

heart I believe tht God above created U 4 me 2 love. He picked U out from all the rest bcoz he knew I would love U the best!

heart 1 who smokes, has a smoky heart,
1 who drinks, has an alcoholic heart...
So dear U must s2p eating sweets...
As U r already a sweetheart!

heart Loading the Babe meter...
Processing data..
Analysis complete!
U r a 100% gorgeous babe!

heart I wish I was a teddy bear, tht lay upon Ur bed, so every time U cuddled it, U cuddled me instead!

heart Hi, I'm Mr. Right. Some1 said U were looking 4 me.

heart How do U keep a beautiful girl in suspense?........ Tell U later ;-D...

heart My heart problem has
reached a critical stage.
Tht doc2r says:
Thr r only 2 options left‚¦
U C Me.

heart Somewhere, some1 dreMs of Ur smile nd finds Ur presence in life so worthwhile. So whn U r l1ly, remember it's true tht some1, somewhere, is thinking of U.

heart I love Ur eyes, I love Ur smile. I cherish Ur ways, I adore Ur style. Wht can I say? U r 1 of a kind nd 24/7, U r on my mind!

heart If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U nd I 2gether!

heart Did the sun come out or did U just smile at me?

heart R U tired? Bcoz U've been running through my mind all day.

heart Hello! Wht's wrong with Ur mobile? I tried so many times bt every time I call it says: The subscriber U r trying 2 reach is in Ur heart!

heart Excuse me, do u hve a Bnd-Aid? I skinned my knee whn I fell 4 U.

heart U can fall from the sky
U can fall from a tree
Bt the best way 2 fall
Is in love with me!

heart As days go by, my feelings get stronger,
2 be in Ur arms, I can't wait any longer.
Look in2 my eyes nd U'll see tht it's true,
Day & night my thoughts r of U.

heart DreMing of U makes my night worthwhile. Thinking of U makes me smile. Having U is the best thing ever nd loving U is wht I plan 2 do 4ever.

heart Always be happy; always wear a smile; 9t bcoz life is full of reasons 2 smile bt bcoz Ur smile itself is a reason 4 many othrs 2 smile!

heart If beauty were time, U'd be eternity!

heart U're so hot, I'm smoking!!!

heart We've got a situation! I can't s2p thinking about U...

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Naughty Flirty Sms Message Collection
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