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21 Mind Blowing Romantic Pick Up Lines

21 mind blowing romantic pick up lines to impress your girlfriend or boyfriend and to speak poetry at a moment's notice.

21 Mind Blowing Romantic Pick Up Lines
21 Mind Blowing Romantic Pick Up Lines

If you are not a good poet and unable to speak punch lines at precious moments, then this post is going to help you. Here we have the best 21 romantic pick up lines that will blow your mind and fill your partner's heart with immense love for you. Suppose you got a party and you see a girl and want to talk to her, but you do not know what to say to her and how to press her beauty then you can use this romantic pick up line.

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Romantic pick up lines can also be used to send sms and messages to your girlfriend or boyfriend. These are very naughty pick up lines and will make anyone fall in love. These romantic pick up lines are made to impress youth specially boyfriends and girlfriends.

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So if your girlfriend, wife or anyone who is angry with you then send this romantic pick up line to impress her and make her fall in love with you. So enjoy the best romantic pick up lines.

Romantic pick up lines

There's so much I want to say to ubut ur beautiful eyes continue to interrupt me.

I can hold my liquor but kissing u would make me weak at the knees.

I had a dream about u. Yes, really. bcoz I see my one true dream girl every night.

ur eyes r so lovely I just keep getting lost.

There is no pick up line worthy of such a beautiful woman.

We 4get so many of the people we meet in life. But my dear, I am quite sure I'm going to remember u 4ever.

u r as refreshing as a cold glass of water on a hot day. nd I am so thirsty right now.

I pity the men who see u, nd whose lives r 4ever changed by ur beauty.

I don't really like dancing. But I will use any excuse to hold ur gorgeous hnds 4 just one moment.

It's tragic. (What?) That I've been here all night nd the moment I finally meet the prettiest girl in the room, the one, all I have time to say is goodbye. nd can I have ur phone number?

u r a compass, my dear. Without u I am lost.

u r flowing oasis in the desert that is my life.

u, my dear, r the very reason men fall in love.

I just have to say this, bcoz honesty is the best policy. u r the most beautiful woman I've ever seen!

How did ur prnts create u? I want to knw how to make my children as beautiful as u r.

u r a walking art exhibit. I could study u 4 days.

Clothes r not sexy, clothes r clothes. Women r sexy nd beautiful. nd u, my darling, r all of the above.

Sohow hard do u work to look this beautiful?

Hey I knw u. Yeah, u're the woman with the million dollar smile!

I could die happy right now. I've already seen an angel frm heaven.

u knw why King Solomon had 600 wives? bcoz he never met a one of a kind beauty like u.

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21 Mind Blowing Romantic Pick Up Lines
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