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13 Love You Quotes For Him

13 Best and Top Love you quotes for him so he gives you more time and love and your relationship goes more stronger.

Best love quotes are the best way to express your love for anyone whom you love.What you do when your husband,boyfriend or lover does not give you time do you scold at him or fight with him well if you do this then do not worry you do not have to do this anymore because we have brought such love sms and love messages that will make him emotional for you and once again he will fall in love with you. and we say it love quotes for him.

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Love you quotes

If U do 9t love me I shall 9t be loved If I do 9t love U I shall 9t love.

The most important things 2 do in the world R 2 get something 2 eat, something 2 drink nd somebody 2 love U.

I love U is the inscription on Pndora's box.

Music is the best way 4 me 2 say I love U.

If U're lucky enough 2 hve a pretty girl love U nd shR herself nd sleep with U, make tht Ur secret. The best way 2 spoil love is by talking 2 2o many people about it.

I've turned down jobs boz I've said, 'H1stly, I can't find my way in. I can't do it. I love U, as a direc2r. I think the script is good. U deserve better thn I think I can do.'

I love U - I M at rest with U - I hve come home.

u hve 2 surround Urself with people who love U nd want the best 4 U.

U want 2 fall in love with a shoe, go ahead. A shoe can't love U back, bt, on the othr hnd, a shoe can't hurt U 2o deeply either. Nd thr R so many nice-looking shoes.

It isn't enough 4 U 2 love m1y - it's also necessary tht m1y should love U.

A lot of times black folks look 4 love in all the wrong places. U're always looking 4 somebody 2 love U, be accepted, nd thr's the insecurities tht R even transmitted through rap. Every1 is trying 2 aim 2 please 2o much.

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13 Love You Quotes For Him
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