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Love Messages

The perfect love messages to make your relationship more loving and emotional. Specially for boyfriends and girlfriends.

You love her or him but lacking of few words that can create magic one more time. Are you unable to find the perfect messages to propose her than this love messages will help you to fulfill all your worries. This are the emotions of your heart and inner voice of your heart which will surely strike your partner's heart. and will spark her /him heart with love one more time. These are the perfect love messages for you if you want to propose a girl/boy. When words can not express the true desire of heart then sms and messages does that job. And for that purpose these most romantic and beautiful love messages are waiting for you.

Sweet Love Messages

♥U are as warm as sunshine. As sweet as sugar, as beautiful as flower, as pure as my love 4 U-I love U!

♥Thousnds may come in Ur life nd thousnds may go, bt thr will be 1 person on earth who can give away life 4 U-nd tht's me!

I thnk my life; bcoz it gave me U...I love my life bcoz U are a part of it.

I cherish every minute tht I spend with U! I m so blessed tht I can, 4 a love so special. 

Whn I die. I want 2 go 2 heaven, 2 put Ur nme on a star. Let all the angels see, how much U mean 2 me.

If staying in Ur heart is a prison, I would accept 2 be sentenced 4 life.

If I hve life, it should be with U, if I hve 2 die, I should die be4e U!

If U ask me how much I love U, count the stars! It is as countless nd endless like thm!

I hve seen angels in the sky, I hve seen snowfall in July, I hve seen stars falling apart, bt I hven't seen any1 like U.

God has created U only 4 me, bcoz he knows no 1 can love U more thn me!
Sweet Love Messages(2)

I wish 2 die be4e U, so tht I can write Ur nme on each star. Let the world see U mean the world 2 me.

I loved U whn the sun set yesterday, I love U whn the moon comes 2night nd I will love whn the sun rises 2morrow. 

If U ask me whn shall I s2p loving U, ask my heart whn will it s2p beating?

U might mean 2 be a no 1 4 the world, bt 4 some1, U mean the whole world.

A day without U is a day without sun, a night without U is a night without moon; a life without U is a life without life.

Let these words 2uch Ur eyes, let these feelings 2uch Ur soul; let this love 2uch Ur heart.

U are the sun in my days, the moon in my nights, the waves in my ocean, nd the life in my life.

Every time I see U, I feel a little flme in my heart, tht lights up, bcoz... I LOVE U!

U are my destination in life, also the way 2 reach 2 it. Wish 2 spend this lovely journey with U.

I do 9t think often, I do 9t think much, bt whn I do, I think of U only.

Sweet Love Messages(3)

Whn I think of U, Roses of red grow in my heart. Every time I see U smile, they bloom nd make me happy.

I may 9t say always how special U are 4 me, I may 9t reach 2 U bcoz I m busy, bt U are some1 I really love nd care 4.

A day without U in my life should nver come nd even if it does, let tht be the last day of my life. 

I don't know wht I mean 2 U, I don't know whether U love me or 9t, bt I love U 4ever, 4ever, nd 4ever. 

Curved high on a mountain, covered deep in dew, I saw these words... I LOVE U!

I consider myself 2 be the luckiest woman on this Earth nd it's only bcoz I hve found the most precious jewel of this world. It's U, my love. U are the only thing tht looks good on me. 

Whn U come 2 me with Ur hair all messed up, I love U. Whn U come 2 me with chocolate all over Ur lips, I love U. Whn U crack silly jokes with me, I love U. I love U bcoz U join me in my weirdness. Thnks 4 being my silly soulmate. Love U 4ever! 

I love U 2day, I love U 2morrow, nd I love U 4ever...till I die... 

Every moment I m 9t without U, my tears fill the ocean blue...By mine, my love, 4ever. 
Think of my love like a dimond ring, - precious, rare nd gorgeous, tht glorifies Ur life 4ever. 

Romantic Messages of Love

Brighten Ur lover's day with romantic messages of love. Send the best love messages 2 the love of Ur life nd let him/her know how special Ur life has become after meeting him/her. 

Life means 9thing 2 me without U, nd all I need in it, is U nd U nd U.

Whn the days are dark nd the nights are long, I shall be with U 2 make U feel good.

A cndle may melt, its fire may die, bt my love 2wards U will stay on nd on nd on.

Ur presence in my life brings loving thoughts within my heart, wonderful smiles on my face nd peace in my soul.

No poems, no words, no gifts can express how much I love U. Be the princess of my heart nd rule my life.

If U promise me 2 meet me in my drems, I wish I nver wake up.

Love doesn't need 2 make sense; it's just a deep emotion 4 somebody who means everything 2 U.

If hatred infects mind, thn love dissolves it. U surely dissolve my mind.

Great minds contains great ideas, my mind contains U only.

If U are a wound n my heart, I want 2 remain hurt 4ever.

Shoot my body if U hate me, don't shoot my heart, bcoz U are in it.

Who said Love if blind? Whn I fell in love, I saw my life-tht's U!

Some1 asked me the reason why I love U, I said I Love U bcoz thr is n1.

Short Love Messages

If U want 2 use a few words nd say it all, try these short love messages. These are crisp nd sweet which will convey Ur deepest sentiments in just those perfect words U had always been looking 4!

I would hve been incomplete without Ur love; it's U who makes me whole.

I need U like a btterfly needs its wings, an ice bear needs cold weather nd a soul needs a body.

Without Ur love I can do 9thing, with Ur love thr is 9thing I can't do.

My Love is sweet whn it is new, sweeter whn it is true nd sweetest whn it's with U. I love U.

True love is difficult 2 find, great 2 hve, easy 2 lose, bt hard 2 4get, I love U 4ever.
My days seem 2 be as dark as night without U. Ur love brings sunlight 2 my heart- my sweetheart.

Last night I matched every star with a reason 4 loving U. I ran out of stars bcoz my love is countless.

U are my first thought whn I wake up; U are my last thought whn I fall asleep.

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Love Messages
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