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10 Best Love You Quotes For Him

10 Best love you quotes for him . time to impress your boyfriend or husband or your lover with best love quote.

best love quotes are the unique way to impress boyfriend. and here we have really 10 best love you quotes for him . and it can be anyone like your husband or brother, father,uncle or boyfriend.

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Enjoy our last post:-

Love You Quotes for Him

♥ I hve nver been a material girl. My father always 2ld me nver 2 love anything tht can9t love U back.

♥ I love U more thn my own skin.

♥ O public road, I say back I M 9t afraid 2 leave U, yet I love U, U express me better thn I can express myself.

♥ In the end, the love U take is equal 2 the love U make.

♥ Love U will find only where U may show Urself weak without provoking strength.

♥ 4 if U love those who love U, wht reward hve U? Do 9t even the tax collec2rs do the sMe?

♥ We'll love U just the way U R if U're perfect.

♥ If U say, I love U, thn U hve already fallen in love with language, which is already a 4m of break up nd infidelity.

♥ Whn U're in love U nver really know whether Ur elation comes from the qualities of the 1 U love, or if it attribtes thm 2 her; whether the light which surrounds her like a halo comes from U, from her, or from the meeting of Ur sparks.Bt surely 4 everything U hve 2 love U hve 2 pay some price.

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10 Best Love You Quotes For Him
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