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Top 21 Best Love SMS With Messages For Him (BF/Husband)

Top 21 best love sms with messages for him. Impress your husband or boyfriend with this cute, romantic and charming love quotes.

Top 21 Best Love SMS With Messages For Him (BF/Husband)
Top 21 Best Love SMS With Messages For Him (BF/Husband)

Here is the list of top 21 best love SMS for him. If you want to impress your boyfriend then you can send this love messages to him. These are one of the best that I have ever seen on the Internet. Your husband or boyfriend will definitely love you after reading this best love messages that you have sent to him. These are very cute and romantic love messages for him. Suppose if you want to express your very loving feelings towards your husband then what should a wife do first? The first thing that a wife needs to do is sending a very romantic love SMS to her husband so that a husband realizes that you truly love him. And similar cases with all the young boyfriend and girlfriend. A for example if your girlfriend is angry with you for some reason then the first thing a boyfriend should do is sending a beautiful and romantic love SMS to her. So she realizes that her boyfriend really cares for her and still love her. So this love SMS and messages have that essence that will convey your emotion towards your lover. so if you want to increase the bonding of relationship and if you want to improve your relationship and fulfill it with love and caring than these are the top 21 best love SMS with messages that you can send to your boyfriend or husband and make your relationship more fruitful and stronger.

Shayari in hindi for boys
Love me shayari in hindi
Girlfriend teasing shayari
Boy attitude shayari
Sad shayari
Love letter in hindi for boys
Tere bin shayari
I love you shayari


Loving a man like U is like laying on the beach letting the tide wash upon me. Ur love covers me in warmth nd washes my soul clean.

While life has given us challenges to face, U have shown me the strength of Ur leadership nd depth of Ur love.

I don’t love U for mowing the lawn or painting the house. I don’t love U for washing the car or walking the dog. Those things are appreciated, bt the real reason for my love is simply bcoz of U. nd, for U my love will never fade.

Like a good wine, I can’t get enough of U!

Just as everything is better with ketchup, my days are better with U!

Diamonds nd perfume, a vacation nd spa. Who needs these whn loving U leaves me in awe?

U are the man of my dreams. Here’s hoping U know what tht means!

I prayed for U for many years. I never though those prayers wud come true. Yet, here U are, perfect in every way nd appreciated in a way I cannot explain. U make me feel beautiful, inside nd out.

Without U, my life will be a little less bright, nd little less fulfilling, nd a little less fun.

As a grasshopper jumps from patch to patch, so our love jumps from day to day. Let our love endure forever.

The day I met U, I knew my prince had come. The skies opened up nd the angels sang.

whn our lives met, the heavens rejoiced.

bcoz of U, I am able to freely shine like the brightest jewel in the world.

A soulmate, confidant, nd protector. I couldn’t ask for more in U, my love.

I am more thn lucky to be with U, I am blessed.

There is no other man I wud rather look good for thn U!

Ur smile gives me shivers, the good kind!

Loving U is better thn a day full of shopping nd the finest wines.

U are my knight in shining armor, protecting me always while reflecting the sun’s rays in my direction.

I love U. No words have truer or deeper meaning thn those.

Having U in my life is like having the top pitcher on my team. U know the best strategies to use to meet our life’s goal.
Love is knowing tht U will always be by my side, even whn I am falling down laughing at U!

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Top 21 Best Love SMS With Messages For Him (BF/Husband)
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