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21 Good Night Sayings In Hindi English (For All Types Of Relation)

21 good night sayings for all types of relationship like friendship,boyfriend,girlfriend, in the glory of god, for husband,wife or for teasing friends and almost for everyone in hindi and english.

21 Good Night Sayings In Hindi English (For All Types Of Relation)
21 Good Night Sayings In Hindi English (For All Types Of Relation)

Do you know messages are more powerful than words that is why we have some of the best good night sayings in hindi for you. This are compatible for all types of relationship. like if you want to send good night sayings in hindi to your girlfriend or boyfriend than this are the best. Or if your friend is not sending you messages and you want to express your anger than this sayings in hindi will work for you. If you want to say a loving and sweet good night to your husband and wife than as well you can use this top good night sayings.

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If these are your queries than you are at right place. Because this time we have jumbo collection and one of the top collection of good night sayings for you and the good thing is this are all in hindi so your words can express a loving spark in your beloved's heart.

Good night SMS in hindi with shayari

So you want to say a loving good night to your girlfriend or boyfriend than read below one of the best good night sayings in hindi and enjoy and send this to everyone before sleeping. So in even dreams your loving one's will remember you.

Good morning messages with shayari

21 Good Night Sayings in hindi for all types of relationship

chaand ko baithakar pehre pey,
taaron ko saupa hai nigrani ka kaam
raat ney jaari kiya hain ye farmaan
ek sweet sa dream tumhare naam.....Good Night

Apun ek sher bolegaa
charo taraf chand fekrela hain light
bole tou ho gayeli hain night
bund karne ka tube light
boley tou, Bye - Good Night

Duniya me reh kar sapno mey kho jao
kisi ko apna bana lo ya kisi ke ho jao
agar kucch bhi nahin hota tou
razai aur takiya lo aur so jao
"Good Night"

Raat ne chadar gira di hain
chaand ney kirney bikhra di hain
chalo so jayo aur thanks karo us nhagwan ko
jisne hume yeh pyaari si raat di hain
"Good Night"

Namaskar!!yeh hamari madhyratri sewa hain
ismey hum aadhi raat ke baad logon ki neend khrab kartey hain
dhanyawad. ab so jaiye.
Good Night

main tujhse ek armaan maangta hun
tujhse apni jaan maangta hun
tu so jayegi mobile off karke isliye ek good night kiss udhaar mangta hun

ek shor ho raha hain
bina sms dil bore ho raha hain
kahi aisa tou nahin
ki ek pyara sa dost
good night kiye bina so rha hain

Ek kabootar itna uda, itna uda, itna uda, bahut upar gaya
bus ab dikh nahi dikh rha,
ab so jao, kal dhoondenge
good night sleep tight
sweet dreams
For what are you pressing buttons? that's all
lori bhi sunau kya

Kajal si khamoosh raaton me bhi
dil mey roshani jagmaganei lagti hain
jab aap jaise pyaare dost ka khayal aata hain
aur holay se dil kahta hain good night...sweet dreams

zindagi me kamyabi ke liye khayal jaruri hain
aur khawab dekhne ke liye neend
tou apni manzil ki pahli sidi chado
aur so jao...good night

Bhagwan krishna ne geeta mey kaha hain
kalyug mey ek achha dost hoga jo sms karega aur doosra sirf pad kar muskurayega
hasoo aur hasaoooo...good night

Good night sayings in english

I miss you in bed
i feel lonely without you at night
i feel warm when you are with me
i can not sleep without you
where are you
o myu crazy
kidhar gayi tu

i wish moon always be full and bright
and you always be cool and bright.
whenever you go to switch off the light
remember that i am wishing you good night

Ending my day without saying good night is emptiness inside
so before i go to sleeep
i am wishing you good night with a blown kiss to keep you warm till the morning light

No matter the sky is black or blue,
no matter there are satrs or moon
as long as your heart is true
sweet dreams will always be with you
good night!!!!

Hiding in the  ittle corner
not wanting to disturb you, if you are sleeping
a silent good night from my side yo you
sweet dreams

G-Go to bed
O-Off the light
O-Out the tension
D-Dreams come
N-Nice sleep
I-Ignore worry
G-Get fresh
H-Have a nice night
T-Thank to god
Good night

You are the reason i have sleepless nights,
you are the reason why i tend to hold my pillow tight
you are the reason i can;t sleep without saying good night

while i was walking i stooped for a while and i thought if the things i don't have in my life but suddenly realized that i have you and feel complete
Good night

At this moment, millions are sleeping, millions are falling in love,
millions are eating and only one cute person in the whole world is reading my sms....Good night

My day won't certainly be over for i have something left to do.
i just couldn't sleep yet without saying i love you. Good night

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21 Good Night Sayings In Hindi English (For All Types Of Relation)
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