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17 Famous Sayings On Actor/Actresses By Very Famous People

17 Famous Sayings On Actor/Actresses By Very Famous People. Know what they say about celebrity and their classic quotes.

17 Famous Sayings On Actor/Actresses By Very Famous People
17 Famous Sayings On Actor/Actresses By Very Famous People

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17 very famous sayings on actor and actresses by very famous people. Today we are going to share with you what the very successful people think about multimedia world, bollywood and Hollywood what they think about actor and actresses. Now a day’s our young generation takes actor and actresses is there a role model but it is not like that when it comes about those successful and very famous people. Who are not related to this industry and some of them are related to this industry. So in both cases we will know what they think about that younger generation’s role model who is actors and actresses. They influence people very much. Now you can see the most famous people in the world are not politicians not business man not any other people but they are Hollywood and bollywood actor-actresses.so here you will see what those famous people describe their opinions which we say there sayings which really really touches your heart and shows you the reality of an actor and actresses.

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Some of the things are in the favor of actor and actresses and few are in opposite. So you will know both positive and negative. but I bet on this that you will know the reality what is the actor and actresses are in reality and how such a successful people see them if one of them is your role model then you can be pretty sure that you are on the right path so just enjoy this beautiful and very intelligent sayings, sms and messages on actor and actresses and do not forget to share it with your friends on social media like facebook twitter and Google +.

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17 Famous Sayings On Actor/Actresses By Very Famous People

Walking shadow a poor player that struts and frets his or upon the stage and then is heard no more
(William Shakespeare)

Have patience with jealousies and petulant of actors for there hour is their etetnity .
(Richard garnett)

You can pick out actors by the great look that comes into their eyes and conversation wanders of the way from them self .
(Michael wilding)

And here come tired youth and mats that scene to love are seen in tones like awasti razor blades 2 tunes like smitten teen .
(Rudyard kipling)


A character actor is one who can not act and therefore makes and elaborate study of disguise and stage tricks by which acting can be grotesquely simulated .
(George bernard shaw)

To see him act is like reading shakespeare by flashes of lightning .
(Samuel taylor coleridge)

Every actor in his heart believes everything bad that's printed about him .
(Orson welles)

The only reason they come to see me is that i know that life is great and they know i know it .
(Clark gable)

His ears made him look like a taxi cape with both doors open .
(Howard hughes)

He has turned almost alarmingly blonde he's gone past platinum he must be plutonium his hair is coordinated with his teeth .
(Pauline kael)

And actress something less then man while an actress is something more than a woman .
(Richard burton)

She has a phase that belongs to the sea and the wind with large rocking horse nostrils and it that you just know bite an apple everyday .
(Cecil beaton)

Actresses will happen in the best regulated families .
(Oliver herford)

For an actress to be succcess she must have the face of venus the brains of minerva the grace of turpsichore the memory of ma-caulay the figure of juno and the height of a rhinoceros .
(Ethel barrymore)

A dear in the body of a woman living recentfully in the hollywood Zoo .
(Clare boothe luce)

And actor is never so great as when he reminds you of an animal falling like cat lying like a dog moving like a fox .
(Francois truffaut)

So much of are profession is taken up with pretending that an actor must spend at least half his waking hours in a fantasy .
(Ronald regan)

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17 Famous Sayings On Actor/Actresses By Very Famous People
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