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11 Best Good Night Messages For Sweet Dreams

11 Best Good night messages for sweet dreams and to wish your boyfriend or girlfriend. Very sweet for husband and wife and for every type of relationship.

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Best good night messages for you, when you want to wish your beloved one's. It is very loving when you wish someone before sleep. Because whatever he reminds in his/her mind it goes into his/her subconscious mind and the same feeling that person feels gives to you also in future. That is why in our scripture many saints says that give thanks to everyone before sleep. And to do this here we have some of the best good night messages for sweet dreams. Send this night sms to boyfriend/girlfriend. If you are married person than you can send this sms and messages to your husband or wife. So this is the best way to express love for a person.

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Good night means a good sleep not full of worries and free from tensions. So apparently everyone wants to forget such worries for a period of time and that is why we think sleeping is the best option for it. So by this good night messages you can add flavors in it. So what are you waiting for just copy this messages and send to the person to whom you admire.

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Best 11 Good night messages for sweet dreams

night is longer than day for those who dream and day is longer than night for those who make their dreams come true wish you good night and sweet dreams

angels are there to guide and protect you in whatever you will do tonight they will take you to a place where your dreams can come true good night .

a day is going to end again it is nice to have a friend like you making my everyday seems so great thank u my good friend lastly good night and sweet dreams .

hi moon d muse light hello wind breeze soft hi flower blossom slowly hello earth spin gently because my sweet friend is going to sleep goodnight .

as the day turns into night keep your worries out of sight close your eyes and go to sleep for all the good times are yours to keep sweetest dreams and good night .

my mum always told me that wealth is never measured by money but by friends i wish she could see you so she would know how rich i turned out to be a good night .

do not think of me i am in your eyes in your mind in your heart in your soul everywhere ever if you want me just close your eyes and listen i'm saying i miss u good night .

dream touches your heart and soul it is a magical memory that unites fantasy and reality hope you will have the sweetest dreams tonight good night .

lying on my bed looking at the clock i know that it's time to sleep i wander how have you been today hope that everything is fine wish u sweet dreams and sleep tight .

wash your face and wash your feet now its time to fall asleep your eyes are weak and mouth can't speak so hope this night shall be nice and sweet good night .

very original good night wish only for u beware of cheap duplicates i m the only authorised dealer for good night wishes good night sweet dreams .

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11 Best Good Night Messages For Sweet Dreams
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