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Do You Believe In This 10 Marriage Facts

Do you really believe in this 10 marriage facts. I am shocked , why don't you read it yourself.

Do You Believe In This 10 Marriage Facts

In India marriage means everything. it is like a pressure to parents if she had daughter. the ratio of divorce is very low in India because Indians respect their wife and marriage but  i was shocked when i read the below marriage facts. what is happening around the world. what the world thinks about marriage let's check it out.

Things are not like we see in today's world. when you read the below marriage facts you will know that. In America if there are 100 marriage in one day in las vegas then the divorce as well. And take a look at india, we are also educated people but still a person married to a dog. Are you joking ? No it is true.

Actually the truth is we can not control and pressurize everyone. every one in this world has diffrent priorities. So what are those priorities in commomn? Well you will know it when you will read those below marriage facts.

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Marriage facts in Englsih

  • Average married couple does 68 times sex in a year which is more than once in a week.
  • 75% love marriage ends in divorce.
  • Only 1 out of 5 couple does only 10 times sex in year.
  • 80% of all marriage in the world took place between cousins.
  • The word ride originated from a German word.
  • In France you can marry to even a dead person.
  • Allan Poe, Darwin and Einstein married to their first cousin.
  • There are total 300 marriages are registered in Las Vegas in 1 day.
  • In India 1 person married to even a dog.
  • A 99 year old man divorced her 96 year wife because he knew that she had affair when she was 40 years old.
  • Every single marriages which ends in divorce lasts for only 8 years.
  • Percent of divorce is higher between those couple who used to participate in live-in-relationship.
  • Everyday there are 100 divorces, registered in 1 hour in america.
  • There is 1 law in Iran that any men can marry to 13 year old daughter if she has been adopted.

Marrige facts in Hindi

  • Average शादीशुदा कपल्ज़ साल मे ६८ बार सेक्स करते हैं जो की साप्ताह मे १ बार से ज़्यादा हैं |
  • ७५% लव मेरीज का अंत मे divorce  हो जाता हैं |
  • ५ मे से १ कपल साल मे सिर्फ़ १० बार सेक्स करते हैं |
  • दुनिया की ८०% शादिया अपने ही किसी कज़िन से हुई हैं |
  • BRIDE शब्द की शुभारंभ १ जर्मन शब्द से हुई हैं |
  • FRANCE  मे आप किसी मूरे हुए व्यक्ति ज़ भी शादी कर सकते हैं |
  • Einstein, Darwin, Allan Poe & Saddam Hussein  ने अपने पहले कज़िन से शादी की हैं |
  • LAS VEGAS  मे १ दिन मे ३०० शादिया होती हैं |
  • INDIA मे १ आदमी ने १ कुत्ते से भी शादी की हैं |
  • ९९ साल के १ बुड्ढे ने अपनी वाइफ जो की ९६ साल की थी उसे DIVORCE  दिया था क्यूकी उसे पता चला था की उसकी वाइफ का ५० साल पहले किसी से अफेर था |
  • हर पहली शादी जिसका divorce होता हैं वो लगभग ८ साल तक ही रहती हैं |
  • कपल जो शादी से पहले साथ मे रहते हैं उनमे अभी तक ज़्यादा DIVORCE हुआ हैं |
  • अमेरिका मे रोज १ घंटे मे १०० DIVORCE होते हैं |
  • iran मे १ क़ानून हे जिसके अनुसार आप किसी भी व्यक्ति की १३ साल की लड़की यदि वो ADOPTED हे तो उससे शादी कर सकते हैं |

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Do You Believe In This 10 Marriage Facts
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