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OMG ! 9 Facts Of Kissing That Keeps Me Away From Kiss

Oh My God! 9 facts of kissing that keeps me away from kiss. I did not know that kisses can be such bacterial.

Yes we believe that kissing is the expression of love and yes it is true also. But science has some different theory. It considers it into some kind of disease cause. Check it out some of the weird facts about kissing. This facts made me curious about kissing but unfortunately after reading this kiss facts my mentality has changed about kissing. But for a short period of time.

Even today when i see my girlfriend i can not live without kissing to her but i make sure it goes healthy. Being romantic is good but unhygienic is bad.
So today we are giving you some of the kissing facts that you do not know in English and Hindi. So you better understand what can happen to you while kissing.

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Kiss facts in English

  • Do you know that when you kiss for 1 minutes, it burns your 2 calories.
  • 10 million bacteria is being exchanged when two people kiss each other.
  • Chances of suffering from cold is more in kissing than shaking hands.
  • You can have tooth decay if you kiss.
  • The womens of manchu tribe used to suck the private part of their child rather then kissing because their Tribal took kissing as bad activity.
  • The longest kiss of the world was 58 hours,35 minutes and 38 seconds.
  • Do you know philematology is the science of kiss.
  • The first time when two males kissed each other on screen was in 1972.
  • A person kisses for 1 week in his entire life.

Kiss facts in Hindi

  • 1 मिनिट तक किस करने से हमारी २ कॅलरी ख़तम होतो हे|
  • जब २ लोग किस करते हे तो उनके बीच १० लाख बॅक्टीरिया का आदान प्रदान होता हे|
  • हाथ मिलने की ब्ज़ा यदि किस करते हे तो जल्दी सुर्ड़ी हो जाती हे|
  • किस की वजह से tooth decay हो सकता हे|
  • किस करने की बजाए manchu tribe की औरते अपने बच्चो का लंड चूस्टी हे क्यूकी उनके कबीले मे किस को गंदा मानते हे|
  • दुनिया का सबसे लंबा किस 58 घंटे ३५ मिनिट और ३८ सेकेंड्स तक चला था|
  • philematology  एक किस का SCIENCE हे|
  • फ्रेंच किस को cataglottism  भी कहते हे|
  • १९७२ मे पहली बार दो पुरुषो ने पहली बार स्क्रीन पर एक दूसरे को किस किया था |
  • इंसान अपनी पूरी ज़िंदगी मे २ week  तक किस करता हे |

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OMG ! 9 Facts Of Kissing That Keeps Me Away From Kiss
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