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15 Quotes that Shows True Meaning Of Life

15 Life quotes that shows the true meaning of life. How you should take your life and what does a life mean to anyone.

15 Quotes that Shows True Meaning Of Life
15 Quotes that Shows True Meaning Of Life

Today this 15 life quotes will reveal that how you should take your life. and the art of life quotes to live by. Life quotes are very important for life. Because they guide you how you should you take your life and how you should you live your life. So today we will give you the best life quotes so that you inspire from them and make your life a success. We wish you for a success life with this life quotes because we believe that this life quotes for motivation will work for you. We also have life quotes for girls so that they can make their life perfect and balanced and take life positively.

We also have life quotes with shayari and this are awesome life quotes. I hope you will enjoy this quotes and make your life successful and prosperous.

Life quotes

     Life is 9t a problem - Life is the closest God has yet come to a solution

     Three things in human life r important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; nd the third is to be        kind.

      Life is divided into the horrible nd the miserable.

      Life's like a play; it's 9t the length bt the excellence of the acting tht matters

      She realized as a girl of eight tht if she sat down nd wrote her stories, she could escape the parts of life she didn't like, embroider the parts she did nd thus control the life she had.

      I went to the woods bcoz I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, nd see if I could 9t learn wht it had to teach, nd 9t, whn I came to die, discover tht I hve 9t lived.

      Life must be lived nd curiosity kept alive. 1 must nver, for whtever reason, turn his back on life.

      It's faith in something nd enthusiasm for something tht makes a life worth living.

      I slept nd dreamt tht life was joy. I awoke nd saw tht life was service. I acted nd behold, service was joy.

      whn u r tough on urself, life is going to be infinitely easier on u

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15 Quotes that Shows True Meaning Of Life
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