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12 Sleeping Postions And Their Meanings [INFOGRAPHIC]

12 Sleeping positions and their meanings for lower-upper back pain, shoulder and neck pain. Their benefits to health.

12 Sleeping Postions And Their Meanings [INFOGRAPHIC]
12 Sleeping Positions And Their Meanings [INFOGRAPHIC]

Your entire endocrine system can be affected by the way you sleep. Your sleeping positions can make you sick too. If you sleep in a wrong position than you may suffer from upper and lower back pain , shoulder and neck pain and can suffer from many other joint related sufferings. This post is about best and top sleeping position which is beneficial for your endocrine system and along with i will also share their benefits on your health. 

Types of sleeping position and their meanings

The foetus

Sleeping on side, knees bent, arms out.

The starfish

Sleeping on the back, arms out, legs out.

The yearner

Sleeping on the side, legs straight, arms out.

The soldier

Sleeping on the back, legs straight, arms by side.

The log

Sleeping on the side, legs straight, arms down.

The freefaller

Sleeping on the front, head turned, arms on the pillow.

Sleeping positions while pregnant

The best sleeping position for pregnancy is to sleep on your side to help blood flow and reduce swelling in ankles, hand and feet.

Sleeping positions while sitting

The best position to improve oxygenation however not ideal as generally uncomfortable, and a position that feels unnatural.

Sleeping positions while standing up.

For the majority of us it is impossible to fall asleep standing up due to large strain on the knees. Mainly due to sleep deprivation rather than good physical sleep.

Sleeping positions and their benefits.

Sleeping on your stomach

Place a pillow under the hips to take stress off the lower back and neck.

Sleeping on your side.

Place the pillow under the head and neck with one between the knees. This opens the hips and prevents knees from knocking together.

Back sleeping

Place the pillow under the head and one beneath the knees. This relieves  pressure on the lower back.

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Sleeping positions and their meanings with their benefits on health [INFOGRAPHIC]

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12 Sleeping Postions And Their Meanings [INFOGRAPHIC]
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