Tuesday, 8 October 2013

10 Yellow Bouquets For Your Girlfriend

You have seen Yellow bouquets for the bridesmaids and weddings but this time here is bouquets to give your girlfriend and to make him fall in love with you. 

Generally yellow bouquets are used for bridesmaids and in weddings but why? There is no tag mark on bouquets so today we figured out some research and have come to point that it is also liked by the boys. 67% boys and men say they love the yellow color. Of course they will also like red because of heart color but yellow is too liked by them. So you can also send this yellow bouquet to boys also. Well now we come to the point. 

Why we use Yellow bouquets for bridesmaids in weddings

Yellow means happiness and joy. That is why it is given to the bridesmaids in weddings because wedding is an occasion of joy and happiness and when you give such beautiful yellow bouquets to bridesmaids than you are giving joy and happiness to them it is all symbolic. That is the reason why yellow bouquets give to bridesmaids in weddings.

Some meanings of yellow colors and their importance

Yellow means wisdom and wisdom mean life full of joy and happiness.
Always give yellow bouquets to patients because it is also considered as a pain killer.
It is a sign of clarity in thoughts.
Overall yellow has all positive effect that is why it is many people give yellow color bouquets to the bridesmaids.

10 Beautiful yellow bouquets for your bridesmaids or girlfriend [INFOGRAPHIC]

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10 Yellow Bouquets For Your Girlfriend
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