Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Cute Love Messages

Do you want to express your love but lacking od words then these cute love messages will do this job for you.Are you baffled at how to express your heart to someone special? If yes, the can resort to cute love messages. These could be almost anything expressing your love. Take a line or two from romantic Love Poems or cute Love Songs and dedicate them to your beloved.

Sometimes it is tough to express our love to the person whom you love too much but you never get those perfect words by which you can express true emotion of your heart. So here we have those golden words that perfectly expresses your inner emotions which says " i love you dear". This are the very touching and loving cute love messages for your boyfriend and girlfriend. and you can send this to the person whom you love deeply.

If you are in love and want to express that you are too happy in being in love then also this beautiful love sms and messages will work for you. because these are not only text apart from that these are your emotions which are filled with love. So just copy this love sms and messages and send them your girlfriend or boyfriend ad say them that you lvoe ger too much dear.

Cute Love SMS for your Sweetheart

Life ends whn U s2p dreMing, hope ends whn U s2p believing nd love ends whn U s2p caring. So dreM hope nd love...Makes Life Beautiful.

Who said loving U will ever be easy? I just love U bcoz my heart tells me 2 do so, if it was 9t 4 my heart I was going 2 love U more & more

The person who loves U more will fight with U daily without any reason. Bt whnver U’re sad tht person will fight with the world 2 end Ur sadness.

I want 2 go somewhere, Where ther is 9thing beside our love…. I M in search of tht place, Where the love has won over the hatred…. I try 2 find tht heaven, Where love is said 2 be God….. I wish 2 indulge in U 4ever nd pray everyday so tht we 2gether can.

U R like the sunshine so warm, U R like sugar, so sweet… U R like U… nd tht’s the reason why I love U!

A special smile a special face.a special some1 i cant replace. i love U i always will. U hve filled a space no 1 can fill!

I dont hve the measels, i M 9t confined 2 bed, asperin wont help coz it aint my head, i don't hve back ache or the flu, its more serious…i M missing U.
I feel something in my heart, it’s like a little flMe, every time I see U, this flMe lights up, this flMe is special 4 U, boz I LOVE U!

Loving U has been the best thing 2 ever happen 2 me!

If I got a penny every time I thought of U I’d be a millionaire by 2morrow.

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Cute Love Messages
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