Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Apology Messages

Do you seek apology from someone if you did something wrong for him. Send this apology messages to your boyfriend and girlfriend and fill that gap between hearts.

Sometimes it happens because of some misunderstanding two hearts create distance between them. If you have gone through such situation and you want to confess or seek apology from that person but are lacking of right words then this apology will messages will help you. You can send this apology messages to that person and settle all those problems.

It mostly happens with young age teenagers because of some misunderstanding they make distance between them and a beautiful relationship just because of silly misunderstanding goes into deep sea of sorrow and sad emotions. So send this beautiful apology messages which are not just messages but they are the emotion of your heart and fill that gap of love.

Sorry Love Messages

I know tht wht I hve d1 is wrong,
I hve broken Ur trust,
Nd, hve hurt U heart.
Bt, can I ask U 2 put things behind?
Start over again nd play a new song.

The things tht hve been spoken between us
Words tht hve remained unheard,
Differences tht were nver mend,
Can we put thm behind nd start over again?

I don’t think tht I M good enough with words 2 express how I feel 4 the things tht I hve d1. I did wht I did nd I don’t hve the ability 2 go back in time 2 repair the dMages I hve caused. Bt I can assure U tht it wasn’t intentional. My love, can I ask 4 Ur 4giveness?

I know tht wht I hve d1 isn’t easy 2 4give bt U always hve been a better person thn I M. I pledge 2 Ur better part 2 4give me.

I know U R angry,
I know wht I hve put U through,
I hve broken Ur heart,
Nd I hve turned it blue.
Bt my heart wept every moment
Since I hve left U.

I know I can’t ask 4 much. Bt would it be 2o much 4 U 2 4give me nd come back 2 my life?

I was granted 1 wish by the God nd I hve asked 4 Ur 4giveness. Please 4give me.

Knowing tht U R wrong is the first step 2wards rebuilding a relation. I want U 2 know tht I hve taken the first step by saying ‘I M sorry!’

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Apology Messages
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