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Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend

25 Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend or wife. Check out if she is cheating on you.

signs of cheating girlfriend how to know if girlfriend is cheating

25 Signs Your Girlfriend is Cheating on You

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How to catch a cheating girlfriend or wife. Below you will find 25 signs from that you can check if your girlfriend is cheating on you or not. If you find that all the sings you can notice in her than it means that she is cheating on you. So if you want to find out is she cheating on you than read below sings of a cheating wife or girlfriend.

25 Signs of a cheating girlfriend

1     U hve a strong gut feeling tht she is cheating on U.

2     She avoids answering the ph1 whn U R around bt incessantly texts. Else, she may go 2 a9ther room 2 attend the call on the pretext of 'privacy'. Does she even delete her call nd message his2ry?

3     She has been beMing with happiness bt U don't know the reason behind it.

4     She suddenly starts hanging out with a mysterious "certain girlfriend" a lot, bt U hve nevr met her.

5     She starts dropping in nMes of new friends nd insists tht U two keep Ur friends separate.

6     Her number is busy a lot these days, especially at odd hours.

7     She primps more often nd now spends extensive Mount of time nd m1y on her appearance. It is just like how she paid extra attention 2 herself whn U initially started dating.

8     The frequency of her calls nd messages drops significantly.

9     Ur girlfriend may avoid spending time with U nd always appears restless whn U R 2gether, often glancing at the watch or her cellph1.

10     She always wants 2 be clued in about Ur exact plans nd extensively grills if U give vague answers.

11     Her friends, who were once warm nd friendly 2wards U, hve become distant without any explanation. She no more invites U 2 hang out with thm.

12     U may 9tice tht some of Ur mutual friends start acting strangely whn U two R 2gether.

13     She doesn't find U appealing anymore nd often makes insulting remarks about Ur job, physical appearance or attitude. She starts criticizing U nd gets angry at the things tht nevr used 2 bothr her be4e. She may be trying 2 emphasize Ur faults in order 2 justify her faithlessness 2 herself.

14     She doesn't show much interest in getting physically or emotionally intimate with U. She will even flinch from any public display of affection nd make excuses 4 it.

15     All of a sudden, she has become over-protective of her gadgets nd has even changed all her passwords tht U may hve known.

16     U almost caught her lying about her whereabouts bt she quickly covered it after the brief slip up.

17     Ur girlfriend now encourages U 2 spend more time with Ur friends or 2 go al1 on a trip or 2 a movie. She may start a new hobby or may talk about the movies tht U had nevr seen 2gether.

18     She gets confused with the in4mation she shRd with U bcoz she is already doing tht with a third person tht may or may 9t be her new lover.

19     She has become secretive about her whereabouts nd gets mad if U become concerned nd ask her 2 give details. She may even try 2 change the subject 2 divert Ur interest. The thing is tht she fights with the sMe objective.

20     Her interest in the activities, tht U enjoyed 2gether previously, has dwindled. U might 9tice a series of unexplained cancellations of plans.

21     She smells different. It may hve been tht a9ther guy's scent rubbed off on her or she was in a very different environment (around smokers, smells heavily of traditional food or anything 2 raise Ur suspicions).

22     If U suddenly 9tice unexplained expensive additions 2 her wardrobe tht she wouldn't be able 2 af4d othrwise. The othr guy may be showering Ur girlfriend with extravagant gifts 2 win her affections.

23     She has become paranoid nd accuses U of cheating on her.

24     She starts picking up fights with U or tries 2 look 4 reasons 2 break up OR she becomes extra nice (perhaps, out of guilt). In either case, she will suddenly adopt an extreme attitude.

25     U previously cheated on her nd she found out. She may 9t hve been over it yet nd finds it difficult 2 trust U which makes her even more vulnerable 2 fall in 2 the arms of a9ther guy. Call it revenge or a broken heart.

Cheating Wife what to do 

Women are deceptive beings, is a well-known fact. So, if you are faced with a cheating wife, what will you do? How would you concretely know if she is cheating or not? Do you confront? Do you forgive and forget? Well, chill, read this article for some much-needed help... from a woman!


Is Your Boyfriend Cheating On You

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