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Cheating Boyfriend Quotes

Cheating Boyfriend Quotes

cheating boyfriend quotes

What to do if your boyfriend cheats on you. here we have some cheating boyfriend quotes that you can use against your boyfriend and send him to show that how you feel and how he broke your heart by cheating her.

Boys sometimes cheat girls not always but for some reason. May be he is not happy with you and you always used to complain about him that is not the only reason there are numerous reasons why boys cheats on girls. So if you think that your boyfrfiend cheated you just for having relationship with another girl and for his own happiness and desire than you can reply him by our cheating boyfriend quotes. This cheating boyfiend quotes will convey your feelings and tell your boyfriend that he did a wrong thing.

Quotes for Cheating Boyfriend

"Don't cry over some1 tht won't cry over U."

"No guy is worth Ur tears & whn U find the 1 tht is he won't make U cry."

"If U really love something set it free..if it comes back it's Urs, if 9t it wasn't meant 2 be."

"Some day U'll cry 4 me like I cried 4 U, Some day U'll miss me like I missed U, Some day U'll need me like I needed U, Some day U'll love me bt I won't love U."

"Time will make U 4get me bt time will make me love U more thn be4e."

"4get who hurt U yesterday, bt don't 4get who loves U tenderly 2day."

"The hardest part of loving some1 is knowing whn 2 let go, nd knowing whn 2 say goodbye."

"I hate U 4 9t letting me hve U."

"4get the times he walked by, 4get the times he made U cry, 4get the times he spoke Ur nMe, remember now U're 9t the sMe, 4get the times he held Ur hnd, 4get the sweet things if U can, 4get the times & don't pretend, remember now he's just Ur friend."

"The day U finally decide 2 love me will be the day after I hve given up on chasing U."

"I hate 2 see the 1 I love happy with somebody bt I surely hate it more 2 see the 1 I love unhappy with me..."

"If in this lifetime, I won't get 2 hve U, I'll make sure tht if I meet U in my next life, I won't hve 2 think twice on saying tht, I waited a lifetime 2 say I love U..."

"Moving on is simple, it's wht U leave behind tht makes it so difficult."

"If some1 U love hurts U cry a river, build a bridge, nd get over it."

"Nevr be sad 4 wht is over, just be glad tht it was once Urs."

"Should I hate U bcoz U hurt me? Or should I love U bcoz U made me feel special?"

"Deep down U know it's best 4 Urself, bt U hate the thought of him being with some1 else."

"Now I believe it whn people say love is blind...'cause I must hve been blind 2 love a person like U."

"M1y can't mend a broken heart; tht's love's job."

"1 can9t truly experience the beauty of love without enduring the pain tht comes with it once it is lost."

"The heart does heal nd U will love like this again...only whn U do, U will deny U ever felt like this be4e."

"Why M I afraid 2 lose U whn U're 9t even mine..."

"I was born the day U kissed me, died the day U left me, bt lived 4 the time tht U loved me."

"I will always love him, I just won't love the way he treated me."

"Anything worth having is a thing worth cheating 4." ~ W. C. Fields

"All good is hard. All evil is easy. Dying, losing, cheating, nd mediocrity is easy. Stay away from easy." ~ Scott Alexnder

It's understndable tht U must hve cried while reading these cheating boyfriend quotes bt wht I can say is, just move on with those sweet little memories U hve nd remember;

"It is better 2 suffer wrong thn 2 do it, nd happier 2 be sometimes cheated thn 9t 2 trust." ~SMuel Johnson.

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Cheating Boyfriend Quotes
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whats meant to be will always find its way. no matter how far or fast i run, your love is always there like the sky and your smile like the sky… it never stops brightening up my life…
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Just avoid cheaters and be happy. Bless you.