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Tricks To Impress A Woman

Tricks to impress a woman

Tricks to impress a woman
Tricks to impress a woman

There are some tricks to surprise or impress a woman . But everything will depend on the desire you have to attract it. Remember that you must be sure of yourself to reach your goal.

Here we leave you some tricks so that you manage to impress a woman.

You just have to follow the letter so that it goes very well the first time you have it in front.

1.Start the conversation by talking about small topics: try to ask what it does or how it was today.

2.Then follow the questions about her: where she lives and what she is studying or if she is working.

3.If you are going to say a compliment like "your clothes are pretty" try to do it in almost half of the conversation.

4. It is also good to talk about where they are. Maybe you think about the food or the drink you are taking

5.Try to make jokes but not be rises.

6.Do not mock or criticize the people around you. That could play against you.

7.Do not make yourself difficult. This does not mean that you should not fall in love with her too easily. Remember that everything must be step by step.

8.You must make her feel comfortable.

9.Do not be shy. Try to be direct. Sometimes the opposite poles attract each other.

10.You must be fun. If the conversation is serious all the time it is not interesting.

11.Do not talk much about your private life. For example, talking about relationships does not go in a conversation.

12.Do not argue about a social or political issue.

13.Do not tell him secrets either. Treat that later.

14.Honesty is the basis of a good conversation. Do not tell lies.

15.Try to comb your hair so that you are not arranging your hair every time.

16.Tell him about an activity that you develop to perfection. For example, it can be good by tacking an instrument or other things.

17.Always look her in the eye. This way you can capture their attention.

18.If they are going to eat something she should be the first to choose. Try to force her to eat something she does not want.

19.Answer all your questions and do not avoid it.

20.At the end invite him to leave.

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Tricks To Impress A Woman
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