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Tips To Impress A Woman And Conquer Her Heart

Tips to impress a woman and conquer her heart

Tips to impress a woman and conquer her heart
Tips to impress a woman and conquer her heart

There are no scientists who have managed to make some tips to impress a woman . Actually there are no studies or theories on that subject.

 You just have to be very determined so that you can surprise her. Of course, there are some tips you should follow to capture the girl's attention. Do not forget that the first impression is the basis of all.

So you must have the perfect words and not let the desire or the nerves play tricks on you. As we put it above, you must be yourself and not look anything. Sometimes we invent a story to have the attention of a girl but all that in the future ends badly.

The truth will make you achieve important things in life. In this case you can impress a girl.

You have to be focused so that she feels comfortable and thus the conversation flows normally. Here we also leave you some things that you should not do. Inexperience will make you make mistakes. Be careful that the first time you talk to that girl you want to impress becomes the worst of the experiences. That's why you have to have the perfect words and the right behavior so you can surprise her.

1. Always speak truthfully to win the woman's trust.

2. Choose the best dress to attract attention.

3. Do not forget to clean yourself and choose a clean clothes.

4. Be careful with using a lot of perfume because not everyone likes the strong smell of a fragrance. Use the right.

5. The first part of the conversation can not be based on private life

6. You should ask her what her virtues are and what she likes to do.

7. You should always be with a smile and want to talk to her.

8. Do not speak ill of other people, or criticize anything.

9. Be educated not only with the girl you want to impress, but with everyone.

10. Try to be tolerable that is paramount.

11. If she gets angry about something, try to calm her down and tell her to smile.

12. Use the words "thank you" and "you're welcome".

13. Do not talk about other women or your previous relationships.

14. If you're going to be funny with a lot of moderation.

15. Ridic jokes can cost you dearly.

16. Think before saying something nice. Do not send with everything.

17. If you are going to say a compliment that is not before many people.

18. The woman may feel uncomfortable if she receives compliments from many people.

19. Do not try to behave like a bully. Try to avoid some problem.

20. You should let her talk and that the conversation is not your monologue.

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Tips To Impress A Woman And Conquer Her Heart
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