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How To Impress A Woman: 5 Unbreakable Laws

How to Impress a Woman: 5 Unbreakable Laws

How To Impress A Woman: 5 Unbreakable Laws
How To Impress A Woman: 5 Unbreakable Laws

The task of seducing is not always easy. In order for you to become a specialist in how to impress a woman , you need to take into account some important issues. For example, remember that the first impression is what counts and that it is not necessary to be a "don juan" to flirt or fall in love. Learn more seduction strategies in the following article.

Laws on how to impress a woman

The conversation begins : The first three minutes are decisive in any encounter. This does not have to frighten or pressure you, but it's good to remember it. Experts on how to impress a woman say that it is the man who should take the initiative. For more than now they also "come out the cross" when they like a boy, still most prefer that they are the ones who start the conversation. Talk about what you might get to be interested in how to be cinema or music. Avoid talking about religion, politics and sports.

Remember the details : During the first appointment women offer an impressive "information battery". What they consider most important will let you know from the beginning (or at least what they want you to find out). If you are looking for a lasting relationship, remember these details and then do not ask again. Something that also seduces a lot is, after several meetings you keep remembering how she was dressed, some particular accessory, the place where they were, etc.

Sit with your back straight : No stooping. Keep in mind that the posture says a lot about people. If you do not have confidence or are nervous, your back will lean forward and you will lower your head. It is always better to be "with your head held high" in every way.

Do not sell yourself : You do not have to spend hours talking about the times you won the football championships or the good grades at the University, not the position you got or the O Km car that you just bought. That will ruin your image. Most women do not like being told what you have. Better account your interests and your hobbies.

Final key to know how to impress a woman

This advice (which we could consider the fifth of the unbreakable laws) is that you smile . "Relax and enjoy" could be the perfect phrase for this moment. Concentrate on what is happening at that moment, do not think further. Pass it as best as possible. Be natural and authentic, do not want to pretend.

Always with a nice smile on your face, but not abusing (it's true, sometimes women can be a bit complicated). This is because if you are showing your teeth all the time, even if it is perfect, you will remain as a false person. Good humor is something that will also serve to be an expert in how to impress a woman . And if the important thing is not to fail, then you must go the safest way. You have assured success if you follow the strategies detailed in the  SUBLIMINAL SEDUCTION SYSTEM , by Mr. Tomas.

With this method I assure you that it does not matter whether you are short, fat, old or ugly ... you will seduce the most beautiful women and they will be anxious to spend time with you! You will make them feel so good by your side that they will want to sleep with you, forever. Thanks to these techniques you can feel confident when seducing a girl, because you will know exactly how to captivate a woman.

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How To Impress A Woman: 5 Unbreakable Laws
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