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Teen Pretends To Be A Doctor In A Hospital For Five Months

A 19 year old without any medical training managed to deceive the staff of one of the most prestigious medical institutions in India, pretending he was a doctor, simply spending time with real doctors and wearing a mask and a stethoscope. 
Teen Pretends To Be A Doctor In A Hospital For Five Months

No one knows exactly why Adnan Khurram decided to pass himself off as a young resident of the Institute of Medical Sciences of India (AIIMS) in Delhi, but somehow he managed to do it for five months. Despite lacking medical training or qualifications, and not appearing on the payroll of the institute, the 19-year-old was involved in hospital policy, participated in several events, and even passed himself off as Dr. Adnan Khurram in Instagram 
Teen pretends to be a doctor in a hospital for five months

"I was walking around wearing the lab coat and the stethoscope all the time," said Harjit Singh, president of the hospital's association of resident doctors. "We discovered that he had told different stories to different doctors. For some, he claimed that he was a resident physician, while, for junior resident physicians, he presented himself as an undergraduate medical student. They had even added it to the WhatsApp groups. " 
Everything was going well for Khurram, so well that the AIIMS doctors began to wonder how he took the time to spend time with them all the time, and participate in all the events organized by the hospital and other institutions. Most of them used to work shifts of up to 20 hours, and barely had enough time to sleep, but the 19-year-old seemed always available.


"We were surprised that he could attend all the events at AIIMS and even those organized by other medical organizations," said Dr. Harjit Singh. "I used to hang out near the cafeteria or the doctors' hostel every night. We started to wonder how he had so much time. " 
The hospital finally notified the police about Adnan Khurram, and he was arrested last week after attending AIIMS to participate in a staff marathon. He has been accused of impersonation and identity forgery. 

As for Khurram's motives, so far they are unclear, as he continued to change his statements during the interrogation. At first, the 19-year-old said he hoped to make friends with AIIMS doctors to ensure preferential treatment for a sick family member, but then said he simply did it because he liked to hang out with doctors, and he hoped to one day become in a real one. 
In their favor, the Delhi police were impressed with the young man's knowledge of medicine, and the names of the doctors and departments of AIIMS. If it were not for his suspiciously free schedule, he probably could have spent years in the hospital simply by putting on a robe and wearing a stethoscope around his neck. 

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Teen Pretends To Be A Doctor In A Hospital For Five Months
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