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Games From The 50's To The 70's

Top 10 games from 50's to 70's that you have missed and they were better than today's game.

-OXO (1958) Although we do not know with certainty which was the first videogame, many of us believe that the famous "OXO" or "TaTeTi", developed by Alexander S Douglas in 1952, when he was still a university student, was the pioneer.

This game was executed at a resolution of 35 × 16 pixels, and in it the players had to face a computer. But it was not successful because it was only executed in EDSAC (Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator) computer of the only one existed.

-Tennis for Two (1958) Finally, in the year 1958, the first video game for 2 human players would appear, in the hands of the American physicist William Higginbotham, using an oscilloscope from the Brookhaven National Laboratory as a monitor connected to an analogical computer.

The game consisted of a horizontal line that was the playing field and a small vertical line in the center of the field representing the net. The players had to choose the angle at which the ball came out and hit it.

-Spacewar! (1962) created in 1962 by Steve Russell along with other students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in a PDP-1 (computer created in the same institute). It consisted of two armed spaceships called "the needle" and "the wedge" that try to destroy each other without falling by the gravitational force of a star.

Originally created to check and see how computers could work, they realized that it could end up being entertaining.

-Pong (or Tele-Pong) 1972 created by Nolan Bushnell and released on November 29, 1972, was considered as the commercial version of William Higginbotham's game of 1958. It was published by atari and considered his first game.
in this game the player could control a paddle by moving it vertically on the left side of the screen, and compete against either an opponent or the computer

-SPACE INVADERS (1978)Created by Toshihiro Nishikado and launched on the market in 1978 by Taito Corporation, it is one of the most important video games in history.
In this game your goal is to eliminate waves of aliens with a laser cannon and get as many points as possible.
The success of the game was enormous and became a commercial phenomenon generating profits of approximately 500 million dollars

-Asteriods (1979) developed in 1979 by Lyle Rains and Ed Logg inspired by the game Spacewar! of Steve Russell only that in this version the main enemy was not another player but asteroids.
This game became so popular that the owners of the arcades had to install large boxes to store the coins. Characteristic of this game is the registration of the initials of the players for the scoring marks, this innovation continues in today's videogames.

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Games From The 50's To The 70's
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