Thursday, 1 March 2018

She Was Her Boss's Lover And He Dismissed Her, Her Revenge Was Fatal

In recent years social networks have allowed exposing more cases of infidelity; however, some go viral with greater force due to their surprising stories, as was the case of a young woman who became her boss's lover.

Girlfriend Revenge 

Infidelity is the order of the day and is that social networks have allowed more and more cases end exposed, although many strive to cover their bad acts, as is the case of the owner of a company, which thought of firing to his lover, but things ended badly.

This is the case of Kaylea Reid, a beautiful 26-year-old girl who had more than one working relationship with her boss, since despite being a married man, she did not hesitate to become his mistress when he put an end to the relationship that maintained before entering the company.

The jovem of Ipswich, England, was sending photos of high sexual content with her lover and thought that one day they would become a stable couple; However, from one moment to the next, she was dismissed from her job at Affinity Trust, a charity that aims to support people with learning difficulties.

Hurt by what happened, Kaylea decided to give a lesson to his boss to pay for all the damage he did, and did not hesitate to share the images of him naked on the Facebook page of the wife's business. But, not content with what he did, he decided to label all the colleagues of the businessman to see the impudent photos.

After being confronted by what happened, the young woman confessed that it was she who was in charge of sharing the images with the intention of making her ex-lover suffer, without imagining that this could lead her to prison. According to the page Upsocl, the Court heard that the girl had separated from her boyfriend in March last year, and his boss became the shoulder where he cried, and little by little things were changing, to the point of becoming lovers, but he ended up getting bored with the situation and decided to take it completely out of his life.

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She Was Her Boss's Lover And He Dismissed Her, Her Revenge Was Fatal
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