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How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

How to make your girlfriend happy. Tips I know five attitudes that can help you to have a stable courtship. They are simple, but basic things for every women.

How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy
How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Being a man is not easy, because women complicate our lives, many say. However, it is proven that in reality women are not indecipherable or complicated, but rather misunderstood.

Therefore, do not complicate your life by staying on the sidewalk of those who say they can not get along with them, because those are condemned to fail sentimentally, to acquire an almost perpetual commitment to loneliness and above all to deprive themselves of the pleasure of enjoying a good female company.

So what suits you is to get closer to them to be able to penetrate that forbidden world for the group of the insecure and learn more about their interests, tastes and above all their affective needs.


Of course you're going to require a high dose of insight, maturity and intelligence to fit between them, since if you prove otherwise you'll be easy prey, since they do not like men without brains and much less do not know where are they standing?

Once you manage to go through the door that takes you to the threshold of the feminine, it will be much easier for you to establish a closer relationship, such as that of courtship.

However, this is not the primary goal, because many can arrive, but few know how to maintain it, because it is useless to achieve ephemeral relationships that will only leave you emptier than you were before.

Therefore you should know that pleasing a girlfriend does not sound like an easy task, but many times they give the keys to make them totally happy.

2.Be sure of yourself 

You do not need to do circus to get their attention, just be yourself and do not let anything change you.

3.Do not forget birthdays or anniversaries

Even if it was the day they met, you should always commemorate the date, so buy an agenda that will save your life as a couple.


This does not mean that you act like a bitter old man, it means that you understand it and you put things in their place.


All love the little things from time to time, just do not have to go over and do nonsense all the time.

6.That you cook

Although many think that women love being in the kitchen, they really love someone who can make them a good dinner.

As it is not difficult to make your girlfriend happy, which will guarantee you a successful and stable relationship, so get down to the spoon and learn to cook, show respect all the time and let flow the spirit of romanticism that can not be absent. any way

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How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy
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