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How To Make My Girlfriend Happy Every Day

Undertaking a relationship with a girl and becoming her official boyfriend is always a reason for joy and another series of incredible emotions. All this combination of emotions becomes much more intense if we also feel that pleasant thought of having found the right girl. These feelings are very common at the beginning of any relationship, but it is also very common that if the relationship is not taken care of properly it ends up withering.
How To Make My Girlfriend Happy Every Day
How To Make My Girlfriend Happy Every Day

If your mind is wondering how to make my girlfriend happy every day and you are interested in keeping your relationship for a long time, then do not forget to read the tips we have prepared for you in the following article on bestofshayari.

Steps to follow:

1. Use of phrases to make your girlfriend happy

When a boy wants a girl it is inevitable to pretend to be the perfect man for her, giving him every reason to think of you as the ideal man. Because of this, the most normal way to make your girlfriend happy every day is by showing her affection , but what is the best way to do this? Easy, first of all you must understand that all girls are unique, so showing affection with success depends exclusively on your personality and needs.

Being the boyfriend of a girl and showing her affection is something that goes hand in hand. Use phrases to praise her beauty or any characteristic of her that are the motives of your love, they are always welcome, but of course, these phrases must be said with sincerity.

Phrases like: "You are beautiful", "You make me crazy when you walk (you talk, you look at me, etc)", "You are very intelligent", "I love you as you are, never change", without forgetting to make compliments for their achievements and talents , are the best way to keep her happy.

2. Physical contact to make your girlfriend happy

We all know the importance of physical contact. Caress your girlfriend gently on a regular basis at the appropriate times, try to make these caresses be respectful and not have a sexual or suggestive tone.

Giving her a hug, holding his hand when you walk together and caressing his face are excellent ways to make your girlfriend happy every day. Making these gestures of affection will make you feel loved and at the same time protected.

3. Prioritize Her to make your girlfriend happy

If you really care, it will not be difficult for you to prioritize her needs ahead of yours. But be careful, we do not mean that you stay in a constant second plane, but it means that in some occasions you will have to give in to it, although in reality you want to do something different.

4. Making love to make your girlfriend happy

We can not talk about happiness in a couple if there is no reference to making love. It is important not to rush this issue, treat your girlfriend with respect and patience, when the time comes she will let you know her desire to reach intimacy.

Improving this aspect of the relationship is essential to keep your girlfriend happy. It is important to be open about this topic and to speak it sincerely, girls like making love as much as boys and being creative in this aspect of the relationship is something they will certainly appreciate, especially if you mix making love with romance.

5. Maintaining contact to make your girlfriend happy

Maintaining contact with a person is something that is currently very easy to do, especially if we rely on technology and the media. Without falling into the burden, when you are not with it you can resort to the use of mobile applications such as the popular whatsapp to write beautiful messages, using images or videos to enhance these samples of love.

6. Listen to her to make your girlfriend happy

One of the biggest complaints that women make about men is that they do not listen to them. This is something that does not happen only with our girlfriends, but it is a habitual behavior in men, when a topic does not interest us we move on from it. When it comes to a girl, and especially when there is a sentimental relationship involved, making these signs of disinterest in a conversation can be unpleasant.

It is important that you always listen to her , whether it is a trivial topic of conversation or something that bothers her or not, let her know that she can tell you whatever it is and that you will always be there to listen to her.

7. Support to make your girlfriend happy

Another way to make your girlfriend happy is by always supporting her , this does not mean that you should underestimate her by making her believe that she can not achieve anything on her own. Many women are very independent and proud to be and this is something that you must respect and admire, but knowing that you are by their side supporting their decisions or even defending them in public, is something that will make your presence even more valued and of course It will make you feel very happy.

8. Surprise her to make your girlfriend happy

Surprise her, be creative, never let the time of a relationship make you feel comfortable, giving certain things for granted and falling into monotony. The best way to keep your girlfriend happy is if you try to make her fall in love every day as if she were the first. A gift is always well received by a girl, and we are not talking about getting into debt to get it, many times something simple but done from the heart, can have an effect as powerful as something expensive.

You do not need reasons to make a gift, what's better than to arrive with flowers, a card or a stuffed animal without any reason? This gesture will surprise you and will undoubtedly make your day. It is also important to dedicate time when a special date is concerned, a well thought out and prepared gift for an event such as your birthday or anniversary will always be a reason for joy, especially if it comes from you.

9. Respect her to make your girlfriend happy

Respect their individuality , looking for a balance between spending time as a couple and that each has time for himself. It is important that neither of them live in the shadow of the other. Surely she also wants to spend some time with her friends from time to time, and this is something that you must respect but it is important that you also demand the possibility of investing time in yourself.

If on your part you need a break from it, tell it in a sweet way, it is always good to convey a pleasant message and not demand as if an alpha male will be treated. The best way to do it would be with a phrase like: "You know I love being with you, but some time ago I do not see my friends, does it bother you if I go out with them this weekend?".

She will be happy exchanging time between her personal life and the relationship she has with you, in addition, another advantage of spending time apart is that you will give her the chance to miss you .

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  1. If at some point you make a mistake, be a man, admit your fault, apologize and tell him how much you love her.
  2. Avoid laughing when she talks to you seriously, there are moments to laugh and moments to talk, if you joke all her words you will make her think that you do not respect her opinion.
  3. The friends usually occupy a space of great importance in the life of any girl. Never disrespect any of her, and better yet, if you can become her friend too.
  4. If you want to make your girlfriend feel special and happy, avoid talking about your ex at all costs, she will feel that she is in a competition and that she is just one more in your list of relationships.
  5. It is not bad to keep the friendship with other girls before the relationship and many brides respect this. But, if you see that this can become a problem, try to create space between these friends and your relationship, no doubt your life will be simpler and your girlfriend will be happier.

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How To Make My Girlfriend Happy Every Day
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