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How To Have Good Relationship At A Distance

The way of relating and finding a partner has changed radically in recent years. Thanks to the popularity that social networks have acquired, more and more people know the love of their lives without having to live in the same city. However, no relationship is perfect , and when you start dating someone who is not in the same location as you, you face an inconvenience that could even end the relationship: distance.
How To Have Good Relationship At A Distance
How To Have Good Relationship At A Distance

A relationship at a distance can be quite difficult to carry, since it requires more dedication and commitment than a courtship where both people live in the same place. However, if you really want that person, it's worth fighting for things to go well. In unCOMO we want to help you make your love life a success and therefore, in the following article, we explain how to have a good relationship at a distance through a series of tips. Take note!

Dedicate a bit of your daily time to your partner

To have a good relationship at a distance is very important that every day you make a space in your diaries to communicate and chat about how your day has gone, how are you doing at work or just to talk about hobbies that you like to both. Good communication will be essential so that little by little you can create a stronger emotional bond . On the contrary, if you let the days pass and the only means by which you communicate is that of instant messaging, you will not be able to connect in an intimate and sincere way.

If you have a good Internet connection in your houses, take advantage of the fact that there are different communication channels such as video calls so you can chat for a while watching each other online and without having to spend a lot of money on your telephone bill .

Veros avoids problems in remote relationships

It is obvious that due to the distance it is more difficult for a couple to be seen with the same regularity as in the case that both of you were living in the same place. However, it is necessary that, whenever you can, take advantage of any opportunity so that you can be together.

For this, the most advisable thing is that you commit to see each other from time to time . That is to say, if your lifestyle, work and / or budget allows you, you can propose that, for example, you see yourself twice a week or that each weekend one of the two stays to spend those days with your couple, and vice versa.

Without trust, the remote relationship cools

If trust is fundamental in any couple , in a distance relationship it is even more important. It is normal that when you start dating a person, at first you have some doubts about whether he is totally committed to you or not. However, when you have been a distance for a while now, you must trust each other fully.

On the one hand, it is important that you develop that trust in your partner, because if you constantly think that you may be cheating with another person you will end up destroying yourself. And on the other hand, that kind of mistrust will eventually lead to a serious problem of jealousy and insecurity that could, in consequence, end up breaking your relationship. If you have a jealousy problem, this article on How to learn to control jealousy may be useful .

Respect your personal space

It is important that despite the distance that separates you, respect your respective personal spaces. This may seem obvious, but there are some people who do not understand that everyone needs to be alone for a moment , whether to play sports or visit our friends without having to be informed about our steps every minute of the day.

Just as it is important, as we have explained in previous points, that you dedicate some of your time to the couple on a day-to-day basis, it will also be important that you are not bothering or harassing that person, since the only thing you will achieve is that you think you are a dependent and, finally, the relationship will end because you will feel overwhelmed.

Talk about the future of the relationship

Although right now it is a relationship at a distance, sooner or later you will have to consider the idea of ​​living in the same city and even in the same house.

It is important that you talk about this matter calmly and steadily over time, since the decision you will make is very important. Among the aspects that you will have to discuss, it will be about who will move to the city of the other, the possibilities of requesting a transfer at work or look for a city that is close to your respective origins.

However, as we have indicated, these decisions will have to be deepened little by little , since taking them abruptly could be too stressful for both of you. If you do not know how to know if a relationship is working, the day you talk about going to live together, you will see that it is working.

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How To Have Good Relationship At A Distance
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