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How To Get Them To Marry You - The Best Tips

Although it seems that there is still to celebrate Valentine's Day, time flies by and, in fact, is just around the corner. This date is synonymous with love and also with requests for marriage. If you have a partner and you want to get married, but you have not asked for it yet, you can start putting in practice a series of measures to achieve a ring on your finger.
How To Get Them To Marry You - The Best Tips
How To Get Them To Marry You - The Best Tips

But how do you get them to ask you for a marriage? It is not easy, above all, if your partner is very independent or has an "allergy to marry". But with the advice that we provide you in bestofshayari is not impossible either. Maybe he just needs a little push.

Security and stability for marriage

Although each couple is different, many people only make you the proposal of marriage when they feel that it really is the time . And this feeling happens to have security in oneself and stability, above all, in the professional and economic environment.

That is, you have to look for the moment in which your partner feels that he has reached all the possible goals, or has already reached several, and that he is ready to take that step and start a family. How to know? You will notice because it has a greater fullness and begins to show signs of wanting to settle .

The perfect person to marry

To get married , you have to make your partner see you as the perfect person with whom you want to share your life. And here it is not about cooking well or leaving air to enjoy with friends, which would explain years and years of courtship that do not end in anything or previous relationships.

The key is to see that you are the ideal person to share your life forever and start a family, if that is the desire of both. Getting it is not easy and that's where you have to work conscientiously to ask for marriage.

The guidelines to follow will depend on how your partner is. You know, sometimes the opposite poles are attracted and other pairs are two perfect halves of an orange. You have to really look for what the other person needs in your life. But, be careful, this does not mean that you have to pretend, change your way of being or abandon professional goals, but you must enhance those facets of yours that best fit in your life and with your person and that do not involve excessive effort. Otherwise, you may be asked to marry, but the link could be ephemeral.

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Indirect to be married

Another way to get them to marry you is to throw a series of hints or make suggestions . But be careful, because they should not be too obvious so that your partner does not feel trapped or pressured. For example, you can mention marriage casually , discuss future plans together to see the reaction, and if there is a willingness to take steps beyond the current relationship, comment on a family or celebrity wedding if the issue arises in conversations or how do you see yourself in the future, among other options.

These are conversations that allow you to express your ideas about marriage with simple phrases such as "I would like to get married", what would your ideal wedding and alliances be like, better if it is not very expensive because it can have a deterrent effect, mention a destination to which you'll only go on honeymoon, when it's holidays, et cetera. These situations and phrases will give the clues to the other person to ask you for a marriage and that, of course, you will accept.

The right environment for the request

Another sign that tells you that you want to get married is to prepare an adequate environment . For example, you can organize breaks with certain periodicity to a place that your partner likes and where you feel very comfortable, relaxed and happy. A trip that is always convenient to plan when you notice that the person next to you is more stressed or tired. In short, it is necessary to make a change of air as they say. So, your boyfriend or girlfriend, you will see that you understand and know him perfectly, but also from time to time it is good to give a surprise to return there, have time for you and enjoy good times. If you are your ideal partner , it will be the perfect scenario for that marriage request.

If your partner does not like to travel, they can serve other activities with which they enjoy, whether they are sports, leisure, cultural, and so on. After all, any place is good for you to get married.

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How To Get Them To Marry You - The Best Tips
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