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How To Find Out My Boyfriend's Password

If you have found any evidence that your partner might be unfaithful , maybe you should clear up doubts by installing a keylogger on your computer or in your own . 
How To Find Out My Boyfriend's Password
How To Find Out My Boyfriend's Password

This type of software is completely invisible and is responsible for saving all the beats that are carried performed on the keyboard so that, later, the computer memorizes them in a file and the user uses the data for the purposes he considers appropriate. That is, everything your boyfriend or girlfriend writes on the Internet, including their passwords of  Facebook and Messenger , will be stored in a text document. Keep reading!

You will need to:

 A computer.
 The Keylogger software.

Steps to follow:

1.The first step to get your partner's password is downloading the keylogger by clicking here . It is completely safe; In addition, it will be installed invisibly and undetectable by antivirus.

2.Once downloaded, unzip the file and open the executable, titled ' Log '.

3.As you can see, in ' Destination directory ' appears the directory in which the document will be downloaded once you have finished storing information ; in this case, the folder 'Windows' will be indicated and the file will be titled 'myInfo.txt'.

4.The option that appears just below the directory 'Run when computer is switched' must be activated, in this way, every time your partner turns on the computer the program will also do it without him or her appreciating it.

5.Once all the options are specified, press 'Hide' to hide the program. Remember that, to make it visible again, you will have to press CTRL + ALT + Y -this last four times-.

6.To make sure that everything you type in the computer is stored, open a text document and write a sentence. To check, go to the folder 'Windows' to find the file 'MyInfo.txt'. The text of this must appear completely encrypted.

7.Turn off the keylogger by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Y four times, as we said in step number 5. A small pop-up window will appear where you can select 'Decode'. Easy, right? Now you can read everything your boyfriend has written , as well as his Facebook, Messenger or other passwords .

8.If the result is not what you expected, you may want to read how to learn to control jealousy or how to overcome emotional dependence .

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Once you have finished working with the text document, delete it from the computer.

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How To Find Out My Boyfriend's Password
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