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10 Steps For How To Impress A Woman In Indian Style

You often wonder what you should do to get a woman interested in you or stand out from the rest.Here we will give you a series of tips that will help you get your attention and teach you how to impress a woman.
 How To Impress A Woman In Indian Style
 How To Impress A Woman In Indian Style

10 Tips on How to Impress a Woman :

1) Crossing of eyes

Everyone knows that everything goes through the eyes, she liked you since you saw her and so has to happen to her with you, but be subtle, do not keep looking all the time.

Use caution, do not look at her at all times, look away, unselfishly, it's part of the seduction game.

2) Good sense of humor

To the women it seems sexy to them that makes them laugh and at the same time protects them, they want a kind of "Ninja clown" but do not pass neither of clown nor of Ninja, everything in its right measure, make them laugh but keep it in limit.

3) Watch and learn

You can not master the art of how to impress a woman if you know nothing of them, observe, learn about their tastes, their interests, their way of thinking and feeling, how many more aspects you know, the easier it will be for you to impress them.

4) If original

From all the number of men in the world, how do you think you stand out so that she will notice you?

Try to be original, but do not go eccentric, women love a strong and confident personality, but at the same time tender and vulnerable.

5) Be sincere, Don't lie to yourself and them.

This is a very important advice, we all bother to lie to them, to them more than anything. If you do not have a mansion or a yacht, do not say you have them and if you have them, do not talk about it either, we do not look for interest, we are looking for how to impress a woman.

6) Concentrate on her, listen to her

To impress a woman requires patience and dedication, listen carefully, look into her eyes, pay attention, let her talk, do not talk much of you, talk a little something and let her know that you follow the conversation, that interests you, they love it.

7) Tell about your passions

Nothing more boring than a guy with a routine life, if you have passion for something, tell it, if you play a sport, you have an interesting hobby, tell it, you know the subject, you are soaked and speak properly, speak from the heart, passion and you will discover how to impress a woman .

8) Be adventurous and unpredictable

The repetitive bores, they love not being able to decipher completely, invite her to do something different, get her out of the rut, play with her, dance, laugh; she will remember it.

9) Look at the details

Women love retail men, watch their hair and tell them to notice their court or their new color, tell them how beautiful that dress is but without falling into the common places, be subtle and gentleman, open the door of the place wherever you go, tidy your chair, open the car door, but not something of a single night, learn that these details make the difference when it comes to how to enchant a woman.

10) Do not talk about your past relationships

If you are talking to her, do not even talk about how cute or traumatic your previous relationship was, do not pity her or make her feel that you are tied to your past , that is totally forbidden.

There is a woman who is driving you crazy ... with these simple steps of how to impress a woman you will be able to seduce her.

Regardless of your appearance or social position, you can approach the most beautiful woman in your city and seduce her. You will own the secret of how to impress a woman.

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10 Steps For How To Impress A Woman In Indian Style
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