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How To Ask A Girl For Her Number

Today you will learn a very important – how to take the phone number of the girl or how to ask a girl for her number. You already have a certain knowledge base, derived from the lesson "How to impress girl". There I pointed out how to impress your girlfriend and make her fall in love with you. Now you have only thing to learn how to take her phone number and start talking with her at night. Am i right?
how to ask a girl for her number
how to ask a girl for her number

A little bit about the psychological preparation for how to ask a girl for her number

You, as always, you need to tune to the attack. That is, you need to stop to be nervous. Girls can smell your fear a mile away. If you can not overcome your apprehension – it is better to wait the action, because you are still unlikely to get a good result. Now just imagine the worst, what can happen, if you go and ask for the phone number. She can deny you and that is all – nothing more. Very scary? Unlikely. So calm down, gather all your courage, relax and safely proceed to action. Now we start how to ask a girl for her number.

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So you came...

"How to ask a girl for her number" seems easy but keep in mind the mistakes that mostly people do. The main thing – not to attack the girl from behind, don't go right at her, be friendly and enthusiastic with it. Remember, that girls do not like the phrase: "Hey, baby, give me your number?", "Baby, I want to take you out on a date. will you give me your number?"etc. So here you're not expressing your courage, but you are showing your stupidity, speaking completely insincere and unnatural. Your goal is to start a conversation and bring it to the level of, when the girl easily will give you her mobile no.

Structure your conversation

Here you have started a conversation with a girl: possible, you asked for her help, notice something unusual and decided to report it etc. Now you need to follow these steps:
  1. Ask  about her. It doesn't have to be questioning – take an interest in her Hobbies. So are you going to know, what to say.
  2. To do so, talked to her (even if the girl is shy, this can be achieved, asking questions).
  3. Just compliment her – do not need big words (you're beautiful, amazing, the best). Just tell her with ease, she is very cute and simple.
  4. Season with all this humor (only if you're okay).

How to ask a girl for her number at the peak of communication

How To Ask A Girl For Her Number
How To Ask A Girl For Her Number

Now the main thing – how and when to ask for phone number. The main thing is not to miss the moment, when your conversation reaches its climax. You see, that girl laughs, she was easily to communicate with you? Then immediately act. I'll tell you, why you should not wait until the end of your conversation. The problem is, what you can not predict: a bus arrived, she abruptly ran to him and left, and you could not get her number. It's a shame? Of course. And such situations can be tens.

How to ask a girl for her number

Even if you established contact and having a conversation with a girl, in the end, she may not give you her phone number. What to do in order to avoid such situations and how to ask a girl for her number, I'll tell you:

Give her hope for the future

The girl needs to understand, that you're not just a windmill and not a pick up artist, who collects phone numbers. You're inclined to pursue the communication! So as soon as the conversation reaches a peak, ask her out:
How To Ask A Girl For Her Number
How To Ask A Girl For Her Number

  1. "I really like to talk to you, but it's time to go. I'd love to continue the dialogue on a Cup of coffee (or dinner, drinks, etc.) this week. What do you think?". And at this stage you must ask for her number.
  2. "I really like to chat with you. Can I get your number, so we can continue communication?".
  3. "Did you hear, on Wednesday you can enjoy a great exhibition? Maybe, could go together?". Here we can talk about any of the events, which is interesting to both of you. So you'll take the phone number and will lay the groundwork for your future date.

And if the girl is not interested in you?

How To Ask A Girl For Her Number
How To Ask A Girl For Her Number

Yes, you may not be as charming, the girl immediately reveal all the cards. And girls are different, I'll tell you. Maybe another reason is she has a boyfriend. But still, then you just don't know, and so after the failure don't make frustrated facial expressions. Behave, as if nothing had happened and continue your conversation. At the end try again. Read ahead to know more about how to ask a girl for her number.

Get the number without further ADO

There are just lots of ways to take a phone number from girls. But you have to understand, these methods do not always entail a date. You may have various numbers of girls and you start calling them. And only a tiny percentage will agree to continue communication with you. But still it works!

Cheaters way

Take a pen and a blank sheet of A4. Better write something on the paper. Go to beautiful girl, tell, you could have a poll about...I don't know, dairy products, for example. Ask her to give her name and ask a few questions: "How often do you purchase dairy products in supermarket", "Which ones do you prefer?". Then ask for a mobile number, referring to the fact, there are company promotions and she can get the prize. Then just tell her all that, as I described above.

Ask her to dial your number

This is the most common and working method. Just ask the girl to help you: "My battery died, I'm late for a meeting, and I'm waiting for a very important person. Could you dial it and say, what I'm going through 15 minutes?". Of course, dictate your number, you on the phone ringing and her number in your pocket.

Shocking girl

For example, you can walk in the Park (this video is on YouTube), stick a piece of paper on the chest with the inscription "Give me your number" and top to wear a jacket with a zipper. Then you can just stop the girl, ask her the way to some place. Now you explain, you say, something to show her and unzip your sweaters. The reaction of girls to such a gesture is ambiguous. But most of the ladies with a sense of humor will still appreciate the joke and you will get her mobile number.

How to be, if a girl goes with a friend

Guys, why do you fear the two girls? Really get to know them is much easier then they are more open, none of them wants to be paranoical or miscommunication, and they are willing to contact.

What to do

Stay away from the girls and make them compliments. Talk to them for longer, using humor, compliments and other important pieces. Then looking at her friend and say: "You don't mind, if I steal a moment of your friend? I need her to say something". Take the girl ten feet away from a friend (jealous friend always in the way) and turn her back to her. Tell: "I-I just really like you.Can you give me your phone number".

She is with her friends than how to take her phone number

How To Ask A Girl For Her Number
How To Ask A Girl For Her Number

When a girl is in a cafe in the company of her friends, you may face such difficulties: she hesitate to give you her number, not to seem too available, a couple of her friends definitely say "he's dumb". So do that:
  1. Set non verbal contact with her: smile, catch her eyes on him, stop your.
  2. When you feel, that the girl is interested in you, go and ask her for a sec.
  3. Take her away from their table and just ask for the number.

Some important rules

  1. Never send your friend, friend, brother etc. – always go yourself. Otherwise what kind of man?
  2. When you ask for a number, keep a phone in your hands. This is an important rule. Show her,you need her number and you are ready to save it.
Now I am sure you know"How to ask a girl for her number" Go try the methods, best of luck.

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How To Ask A Girl For Her Number
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